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Performance appraisal- Wooqer

Evaluate And Reward Your Employees Basis Their Performance Every employee puts-in effort at the workplace in order to create value, and leave a mark in the world. The value created is in turn rewarded with a remuneration. Very often situations arise where employees rise above the expectation and bring in a remarkable change. Managers are often caught in this situation of how to evaluate the employee and...

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Grievance tracker

Make Sure Your Employees Are Heard Like the saying goes, with power, there does come a lot of responsibility. Most individuals use it for the better good, whereas a few misuse this power. Situations arise wherein employees face certain issues with their employers. These issues could be a breach of the employment contract, employee discrimination and workplace harassment. The law enables all individuals to file their...

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Job application

Streamline Hiring By Prescreening Applicants Digitally Anyone that has ever been part of the hiring process knows just how overwhelming it can get for the company recruiter to sift through hundreds, maybe thousands of emails to find the best candidate for the organization. This is an incredibly inefficient process and could use a major overhauling with the help of the Job Application App. The Wooqer Job...

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New employee Joining

Collect And Maintain Records of New Employees Without Any Hassle When a new employee is onboarded in an organization, it often leads to a tonne of paperwork and back and forth to ensure everything is in order. Which is why the Joining Form App makes the entire process for your backend team and also the new-joinee extremely simple by doing all of it virtually via a...

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Drive-up Employee Satisfaction in your Workplace A good employer is always figuring out new ways to make sure that their employees are feeling satisfied in the workspace. Contentment directly correlates to better productivity and higher motivation which in turn leads to optimizing business revenues. The Employee Satisfaction Survey App ensures weeding out issues within the system to make your workplace more hospitable. The Employee Satisfaction Survey...

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Exit Form

Make The Exit Process Of An Outgoing Employee As Streamlined As Possible We know that you’d like your organization to make the exit process of an employee as seamless as possible; for them, and also for your HR team. In order to ensure an easy and comprehensive outward journey, the Exit Form App avoids burdening the existing individual with excess paperwork, whilst helping your team to...

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Store Visit Report

Get the Most Out  of Store Visit Reports Area Managers often visit stores and conduct audits on spreadsheets which usually tend to provide little to no visibility into any ongoing issues. A well-reported store can decrease operating costs and time taken, significantly. The Wooqer Store Visit Report App empowers Area Managers to conduct audits with the help of their handheld devices directly. It also gives them the...

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Store Operations Audit- Wooqer

Build Accountability Between In-store Teams Every element present in a store is a vital component to contribute towards optimising and ensuring success within your business.  Operation managers often face the obstacle of driving compliance and adoption across stores; especially because the manual audit process increase operations cost, and are often highly time-consuming too. The Wooqer Store Operations Audit App helps in driving-up compliance across store teams and also...

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Conduct Undercover Audits to gauge Business Readiness Ensuring compliance on an everyday basis can get tricky and very expensive to the business if standards aren’t maintained. Which is why mystery audits are performed by auditors who pose as regular customers and take observations and revert to the head office. The Wooqer Mystery Shopper Audit facilitates a mobile-enabled mystery audit wherein the customer inspects and records the unit's...

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Deliver The Most Efficient Customer Experience Possible Retaining customers and building loyalty is one of the key factors that contribute towards the success of an organization. In order to become a world-class brand - it is imperative that your company understands the expectations of its customers by gathering feedback on ways it could provide a better experience.  Retail businesses often face the challenge of gathering this information...

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