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Retail Solution

Are you planning to open a retail store? People might question your decision considering the online shopping catching a wave in this digital age. But it can be one of the best decisions. Conventional retail shopping isn’t dying, and it’s evolving. While some businesses are suffering due to increasing online shopping trends and pandemics, there are others that are growing. It needs the right business structure,...

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mystery shopper audit for retail

Mystery shopping is a process where a company interacts with a shopper under the disguise of being a prospective customer. The mystery shopper observes and assesses the performance based on specific parameters that are pre-defined. These criteria are decided based on what the business is trying to measure. The criteria revolve around customer service skills, selling skills, and how well the employees adopt specific behavior....

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Visual Merchandising Audit

The year 2021 is making its way and it’s about time to prepare your business for the next year, and for a retail business what could be more important than updating the visual merchandising audit checklist for the coming year. Maintaining and timely updating the visual merchandising checklist makes sure that your products are presented in the best possible way to the customers, and thus greatly increases the...

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restaurant audit

Getting your restaurant audited is a panic-filled situation for most restaurateurs. One may face much embarrassment in situations ranging from poor audit reports to complete closure of one's business. With the rapid proliferation of foodborne diseases, a lack of effective restaurant audit plans may result in terrible online reviews or a huge PR crisis. For instance, McDonald's had to recall its offer of salads from over 3000...

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Retail Store Audits

Store audits are a great way to know how you are faring and whether your retail business operates from a single or a dozen locations. Store audits provide deep insights about your retail business with information like the nature of product display, keeping up inventory, and the presentation of the store in front of customers. With progress in technology, Store Operations Audit has usurped a fresh role...

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Employee Health Tracker

In case safety is a crucial concern in a facility, it can be identified instantly from the production efficiency of a plant. Safe industrial facilities feature fewer accidents in the workplace and better productivity. The costs of running a factory are reduced when all processes are conducted to function as per stipulated regulations and operators are aware of the mode to deal with injuries and sickness...

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