Store In A Box
Keep your store safe for the night and prepared for a timely start the next day
Why should you use this WorkPack?
With this mobile enabled WorkPack, you get ready to use Apps for all your Operational processes.

These apps are built with years of experience and intelligence enabling operational processes across 40000+ stores.

You can get these ready to use apps and reconfigure them to best suit your needs with very little effort. And if you have not yet invested time and effort in defining your SOPs and documenting your Store operations processes, these apps are a great way to get a quick start with very little effort, with the opportunity to refine to best suits your needs over time.

Out of box reporting for all underlying apps ensures that you get real-time visibility into SOP compliance at stores, with visual evidences to support.
What decisions that this WorkPack power?
  • Know which stores need your attention, basis SOP compliance and completion status
  • Understand which regions, brands or teams are lagging and focus energies on bringing them up to speed
  • Identify leaders with a strong operational rigour
When is this WorkPack right for you?
All retailers can benefit from this WorkPack.

Retailers who have not yet defined their SOPs can save months of effort by using the WorkApps available in this WorkPack to get started.
Starting with this WorkPack is easy
You can be up and running on this WorkPack within a week!

Take a look at the WorkApps in this WorkPack and identify the ones you would want to start with. We recommend starting with the Daily Opening and Closing Checklists along with the Store Visit Report and Visual Merchandising Implementation WorkApps.

Once you have the WorkApps, feel free to reconfigure as per your need. Next, upload your store and user list on Wooqer and invite your team to come to use the WorkApp. That's it.

Starting with this WorkPack does not require external support, but consider support or a Wooqer Creator training in case you need to make significant configuration changes to the WorkApp.
The WorkPack is "best in class"
The WorkPack brings in all the hygiene WorkApps that you need to manage your stores.

With years of on-ground experience enabling Store Operations across 40000+ stores, this WorkPack brings is optimized to handle practical challenges like poor or no network scenarios, time bound task completion, geo-fencing and a lot more to help you ensure consistent operations at every single store every single day.
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A WorkPack for all of your Store Operations
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    Start of Day WorkApp to ensure customer readiness at every store every day
    End of Day WorkApp to keep your store safe for the night
    Store Safety WorkApp to prevent financial and reputational risks
    Store Housekeeping WorkApp to ensure well organized, hygienic, and safe workplace
    Contextual Tasks
    Compliance Report
    Completion Report
    Live Camera Evidence
    Store Coherence
    Orchestrate your store operations, anytime, anywhere. We help you to run your businesses efficiently while you stay mobile!