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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Today we will present you a list of the top 10 WorkApps of 2021 running on the Wooqer platform. Our team behind the scenes keeps working relentlessly to timely upgrade these WorkApps as per the suggestions from our customers. We would like to start this list based on the most popular apps that Retailers and QSRs went live with and the reasons why they are so...

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Daily restaurant visit report

Daily restaurant visit report is essential for any restaurant. It helps the restaurants compile and comprehend the complicated data into an informative snapshot that will provide you insights about how your restaurant is performing on various fronts, especially the financial one. This will eventually lead to better performance, thereby increasing the sales revenue. Preparing restaurant reports manually can take up a lot of time and effort, but...

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Visual Merchandising Audit

The main aim of any retail store is to anyhow increase sales. Many practices, strategies, and techniques are followed to attract customers. To make them available and for easy location of the product, it is very much important for the field representatives to make sure of retail displays and shelves. This helps in attracting the customers as properly maintained shelves will automatically draw the customer’s...

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mystery shopper audit

Nowadays, to maintain goodwill among the people, the business needs to make sure that they are providing the best services to their customers and even provide good working conditions to the employees. All the employees of the retail sector are trained for doing their work most efficiently. Higher the standard of working will be, more the customers will rely on them. To measure the quality...

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retail store daily checklist

The success and the failure of the business depend upon the response from their customers. No matter what, the business has to take some of the steps to improve its services. The retail store daily checklist is being added there so that there is a proper check maintained on the day-to-day dealing with the customers. Good service will indeed help in increasing the customer retention in the...

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Temperature log for retail

The pandemic Covid-19 has drastically hit the whole world. It has led to many changes in day-to-day working as the people now have to wear face masks all the time whenever they are in public places and sanitizing hands frequently. The government has made some rules and regulations that every business has to follow, like temperature screening of every person entering the place. The temperature log...

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dealership visit audit report

What is meant by Dealership Audit Services? Dealership services are specialized auditing services dedicated to various production units, distributors, and importers. This service enables the concerned people to have their network of dealership assisted network. This auditing includes the details for dealer networks on product parts, warranty, and corporate identities. The dealership auditing is dedicated to both the public and commercial vehicles. They include the various...

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Retail Store Audits

An audit is an internal evaluation of the financial statement of a business enterprise. A business may be small-scale or large-scale. However, each company or business organization has some annual sales or turnover. The turnover of a business is evaluated with the help of a financial statement. The audit is an integral part of this evaluation procedure. The audit is also considered to be unparallel...

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daily retail checklist

Running any retail store involves lots of small duties and tasks that help in effective functioning. Managing the staff, allotting duties, keeping an inventory, cleaning after regular intervals etc. all should be done to the smooth functioning of operations. It is important to streamline all the activities and processes and make sure that all the staff members are aware of their duties to be performed....

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restaurant audit

When we run the food sector, it is very important to pay attention to every little aspect. Whether it’s food, staff, services, hygiene, etc., everything matters. Customers will come to those only who will provide them with the best services and make their experience worth remembering. For this, the manager needs to be very attentive and active even before the opening of the restaurant, as...

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