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Restaurant Opening and Closing Checklist - Wooqer

Prior to throwing open the doors to customers in the morning and after the last customer has left at night, there are two vital tasks for restaurants: opening and closing. With fresh demands of Covid-19 era, sanitizing and cleaning the restaurant premises has become a crucial agenda. Hence, you have to ensure that the staff at your restaurant keeps the premises clean and safe for everyone....

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Employee Health Tracker

In case safety is a crucial concern in a facility, it can be identified instantly from the production efficiency of a plant. Safe industrial facilities feature fewer accidents in the workplace and better productivity. The costs of running a factory are reduced when all processes are conducted to function as per stipulated regulations and operators are aware of the mode to deal with injuries and sickness...

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 facility management software

The services of facility management in India are struggling to monitor physically, supervise their allocated sites, streamline the core functions of the business and ensure the highest customer satisfaction. This is why businesses are looking for effective facility management software. Software that would help companies in managing the activities and operations in all the allocated sites, tracking their schedule of maintenance, figuring out the budget...

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Retail Opening Checklist - Wooqer

Are you planning to open a retail store? No matter what are the products you want to deal with, you want your retail store professional that would attract more customers towards it. Successfully opening a retail store can be a satisfying experience. But opening a brick and mortar store needs several arrangements and preparations. It takes a lot of hard work and determined efforts to...

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QSR SAAS - Wooqer

From a tiny shop to a big corporation, cloud-based software is the most used methods for all types of businesses in 2020. Software as a service (SaaS) is like any other program which is installed over the internet and whose license is given to the restaurants on the basis of subscription. These programs are unlike any on-premise software, their point-of-sale systems (POS) are given on...

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