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dealership visit audit report

What is meant by Dealership Audit Services? Dealership services are specialized auditing services dedicated to various production units, distributors, and importers. This service enables the concerned people to have their network of dealership assisted network. This auditing includes the details for dealer networks on product parts, warranty, and corporate identities. The dealership auditing is dedicated to both the public and commercial vehicles. They include the various...

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Facility Management

Running a business involves several operations to be performed. These operations are performed daily to ensure that everything takes in an orderly manner. With the advent of technology, new ways have come up that have managed the complex business procedure efficiently and effectively. Facilities management software results from this advancement that has proven to be a great help to the businesses. Facility management software helps the managers optimally...

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Visual Merchandising

To run a successful consumer business, it is important to implement a retail strategy as per plan. For implementing the strategy, field representatives and retailers, etc., must perform their roles perfectly. This can be made sure through visual merchandising audits. Under this, regular follow-up is conducted on retailers to see if they comply with all the terms of the agreement. In the absence of merchandising audits, there...

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Employee Health Tracker

In case safety is a crucial concern in a facility, it can be identified instantly from the production efficiency of a plant. Safe industrial facilities feature fewer accidents in the workplace and better productivity. The costs of running a factory are reduced when all processes are conducted to function as per stipulated regulations and operators are aware of the mode to deal with injuries and sickness...

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 facility management software

The services of facility management in India are struggling to monitor physically, supervise their allocated sites, streamline the core functions of the business and ensure the highest customer satisfaction. This is why businesses are looking for effective facility management software. Software that would help companies in managing the activities and operations in all the allocated sites, tracking their schedule of maintenance, figuring out the budget...

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