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Digitise paper, excel & informal workflows

Your superpower equips you with everything you need to get control of your business operations with no dependencies. Keep it simple with a start-of day checklist, bring rigour like a site Audit, or dive deep with extensive workflows like New Store Opening - It’s all in your hands, at all times. Create a new process, edit an existing one because things change, or remind your teams to act - all in one place.

  • Create any checklist, audit, assessment, survey or program
  • Ensure location, device, identity and time compliance
  • Eliminate follow-ups through a built in reminder engine
  • Elevate skill to complex DIY workflows like project plans
  • Turbo boost your superpower with powerful integrations!

Train people. Launch new products. Hold a townhall. Share ideas. Easy.

Drive daily business results by training people on what helps them do their job better. Make a show out of new product launches, notify people when something new is available, generate early feedback, and ensure everyone who needs to know - knows.

  • Share content in any form, format or size
  • Be in know of people’s progress & performance
  • Create community around any content
  • Have central focus of business visible to everyone
  • New product launches are an all show event now!

Know what needs decisions. Have your alter-ego in Wooqer.

Running operations is making a hundred daily decisions - big and small. Wooqer expands your decision bandwidth with analytics & insights from everyday data and uncovers what needs your attention. Through advanced machine algorithms, Wooqer helps focus your capacity on High Value Actions, resolving recurring needs through embedded intelligence. Which ATM is a round the year problem, which location is non-compliant to SOP, who in your team is more responsive than others - you’ll know on Wooqer.

  • Get insights, trends and forecasts on what matters
  • Save time on routine actions. Let Wooqer run those
  • Get a 360 view of people, locations, customers, anything!
  • Get alerted on milestones
  • Easy integrations in your favourite BI application

Bring business as usual on Wooqer. Tasks, Approvals, attendance & the works!

Wish your colleague a Happy Birthday. Look up your to-do list by urgency.Obtain approval to do what your business needs. Collaborate with your teams around tasks. Generate an activity calendar. Act on tasks that matter. All in a day's work for you. All on one App for you.

  • Log all approvals. Wooqer learns overtime
  • Never miss a colleagues birthday!
  • Never miss an important task. Wooqer ensures.
  • Get alerted on milestones
  • Easy integrations from sensors, cameras, to biometrics
“The biggest value is in knowing what is happening in our stores. (Since we started using Wooqer), our store standards have dramatically improved and we are able to deliver better customer experiences.”
Oliver Kaye
“We had to print all the training material. Now we give new joiners (Wooqer) credentials and they learn and take assessments at their pace. The biggest saving is on paper and printing costs.”
Sunil Sadagopal
“Wooqer is a multi-faceted streamlining product that simplifies the completion, tracking, collation and reviewing of operational reports. Thereby increasing productivity.”
Mark Bowland

Bring your ideas to results - in a jiffy!

Ready to use Apps, customizable to your needs

Whatever you do, Wooqer is designed with you in mind!

You can be from any industry or business team. DIY the ideas that make your business successful and demonstrate your true potential. Wooqer is the technologist in you.

Build and launch your next workflow, audit, checklist, assessment, or training calendar in no time, on your own. Contribute your expertise to your tribe or expand your scope of what’s important for your business with related ideas on the marketplace.


Everybody is MORE with Wooqer

Enable your work life with results that will demonstrate your true
capability - and have fun doing so.

Namrata R.
4.0 rating

Wooqer accesibility!

it keeps record of all, gives read receipts, Data collection, checklist & Audits are made easy by this tool.

Rajat B.
4.0 rating

Helped a lot in saving time

We had to take printouts before, now we have one click wooqer. Checklists have improved. Pictures instead of marking ticks on paper is definitely helped us to improve our Planogram.

Hani M
4.0 rating

Excellent experience

Huge benefits of this software that make things easier for all staff and for sharing opinions and standards.. this software makes things easier for all staff in the shop and helps share all new guidelines and merchandise

Amulya Sai
4.0 rating

No tech dependence!

The product is built on the concept of no tech dependence to create digital processes. This I think is best aspect about the product as it makes the execution of any business process faster and easier. It also has collaboration, reporting feature that will enhance the digitization of operations.

5.0 rating

User Friendly

Spend my time and I can able to use it even I’m not inside the back office. I can use it on the sale floor do training and check VM guidelines. Save cost also paperless report.

Sunil Yadav
4.0 rating

The ultimate wooqer app

My overall experience towards using this Wooqer is extremely high rate app since it gives an update about the Implementations and changes besides the knowledge which is the key factor for my professions

5.0 rating

Simple, user-friendly and worth every penny spent!

Wooqer has endless possibilities to get rid of manual paperwork, improve processes, save time, save environment and increase productivity. Easily accessible on-the-go thru an app or a static desktop version. No need to be IT savvy or a techy person, just drag and drop the questions you wanna include in your process and off you go.

Anil S
5.0 rating

All in One, one stop for all process

All process are at one place.Reduce paper consumption which helps environment,Can access from system and mobile both from any place.Easy to find access