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Start of Day - QSR
Be Sure To Open Your Restaurant On-Time Every Day
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!
It's free, no Credit Card needed!
Why should you use this workapp?
The Restaurant Opening Checklist App is the solution you seek. The Wooqer Restaurant Opening Checklist App facilitates a mobile-enabled checklist that’s customizable to all your needs, and that can also be developed further - as your needs evolve with time. Restaurant managers can simply update the checklist mobile device or a browser during the store walkthrough.
What decisions that this workapp power?
Observations are updated and evidence can be attached in the form of LIVE camera pictures if needed. Our automated reminders can help drive timely completion with exceptions highlighted through notifications; whilst real-time reports can help you track compliance and build accountability.
When is this workapp right for you?
Without a functional restaurant opening protocol, it’s very unlikely that your establishment will be able to maintain quality whilst taking care of critical processes in the SOP in order to open in time for customers to dine.
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Automatic Data Collation and Reporting
Compliance Report
Live Camera Evidence
Predefined Cut-off or End date
Store Coherence
Orchestrate your store operations, anytime, anywhere. We help you to run your businesses efficiently while you stay mobile!
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