Covid 19 Restaurant Audit
Mobile enabled Audit for your use to ensure Covid-19 safety guidelines are in place
It's free. No Credit Card needed!
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!

The Wooqer Covid19- Restaurant Audit App enables restaurateurs to gain visibility across their chains and ensure that the standard SOPs’ laid out are in place. This is a vital piece to optimize business whilst working towards stopping the spread of the virus. Restaurant Managers/ Area Managers can conduct audits with the convenience of their mobile devices and provide proof of the SOPs implemented.

Integrated task management, reminders, and escalations make it a full-proof application for all your needs.

Pandemics often create a ripple in our lives and one can never be too safe with the growing threat of it. Nevertheless, we must move and ensure that businesses run with the utmost importance of the public’s health and safety. With physical distancing and regulations against overcrowding at places due to the Covid-19 pandemic, restaurateurs face an unprecedented task in hand to gain visibility over the regulations stated by various government bodies to control the spread whilst rebuilding the economy. As such digitally supported evidence are of vital importance in this situation.

Top Capabilities
Date | Time stamp on Pictures
Compliance Report
User Access Management
Predefined Cut-off or End date
Completion Report
Automated PPT Generator
Real-Time Auto-Aggregated Reports
Date | Time stamp on Pictures
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