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A wholesome Checklist to ensure all your housekeeping activities have been done. Hygiene is the most vital component in our lives. Facilities where the inflow of people is optimal needs to be well cleaned and all hygiene related activities must be carried out by the Housekeeping department. A clean environment promotes growth and a better user experience. Operations/Floor manager are equipped with the responsibility of conducting...

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Maintain A Timely Closing of your Restaurant, Every Day. We know how critical store closing protocols are to you and your business. Ensuring that all necessary assets and duties are performed upon completion of business hours can be a tedious process considering how time-consuming it can be for your restaurant managers. The Restaurant Closing Checklist App ensures this desired smooth functioning. The Wooqer Restaurant Closing Checklist App...

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Be Sure To Open Your Restaurant On-Time Every Day Without a functional restaurant opening protocol, it’s very unlikely that your establishment will be able to maintain quality whilst taking care of critical processes in the SOP in order to open in time for customers to dine. The Restaurant Opening Checklist App is the solution you seek. The Wooqer Restaurant Opening Checklist App facilitates a mobile-enabled checklist that’s...

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Covid-19 Store Audit

Mobile enabled Audit for your use to ensure Covid-19 safety guidelines are in place. Pandemics often create a ripple in our lives and one can never be too safe with the growing threat of it. Nevertheless, we must move and ensure that businesses run with the utmost importance of the public's health and safety. With physical distancing and regulations against overcrowding at places due to Covid-19...

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Store Operations Audit- Wooqer

Build Accountability Between  Teams Every element present in a restaurant is a vital component to contribute towards optimising and ensuring success within your business.  Operation managers often face the obstacle of driving compliance and adoption across restaurant chains; especially because the manual audit process increase operations cost, and are often highly time-consuming too. The Wooqer Restaurant Operations Audit App helps in driving-up compliance across teams and also helps...

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