Visual Merchandising Implementation
Stimulate sales and deliver consistently great customer experience
It's free. No Credit Card needed!
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!

It is known that ninety percent of purchasing decisions are based on visual appearance alone!

Our mobile enabled VM Implementation app caters to several challenges faced by retailers in execution of Visual Merchandising.  Listing down a few ways our VM app can help your retail business:

  • Ensures consistent Visual Merchandising across all stores
  • Real time and easy access to store submitted data including pictures and videos for review and feedback
  • Inbuilt presentation / report generator saves huge effort of creating presentations for management reviews.
  • Enables VM managers to manage more stores, hence saving manpower cost.
  • App’s comprehensive reporting provides real time insights into VM implementation status.
  • An organized framework to capture pictures and videos to ensure that visuals don’t get missed in communication.
  • Automated reminders and notifications to complete a task can drive accountability.
  • Useful features like ‘Date time stamp on pictures’, ‘Geo-location tracking/fencing’ and ‘Live camera evidences’ ensure only foolproof credible visuals reach you for verification.

Our VM Implementation app can help you provide following insights to make real time decisions about Visual Merchandising:

  • Stores which need immediate attention.
  • Store Staff or VM representatives who need required training and assistance.
  • Progress on Visual Merchandising Roll Out process.
  • Consistency of display across stores.
  • Track of Competition in stores.
  • Inventory planning to avoid stock outs.

The VM Implementation App is for you if :

  • If your primary role in the organization is to implement Visual Merchandising strategy in order to increase sales
  • If you are one of the 95% Visual Merchandising leaders who intend to invest in technology this year to improve execution quality & reduce cost and effort
  • If you are one of the 80% Visual Merchandising leaders who are looking to enable experiential retail through Visual Merchandising
  • Consistency of display across stores.
  • If one of your top 5 priority as a Retail Leader is to improve Visual Merchandising execution

4 hours is all you need to get started on the VM Audit App!

  • Upload your store list as well as user list on the app and send invitations to the users to onboard them
  • Choose from the available configuration options according to your business requirements
  • Consider adding or removing a few fields or sections
  • Choose what you want to keep mandatory or optional
  • Choose your preferred formats for storing data

Our VM Audit app is a plug and play app, so you don’t need to rely on any external support. In case your business needs some significant configuration modifications on the app, our support team will take your requests and give you suitable training.

Our VMI App ecompasses years of on-ground experience of enabling over 200,000 Visual Merchandising Implementations across geographies. Learnings from these implementations have been used in upgrading and optimizing the app to be able to handle everyday practical challenges like bad or no network scenarios, users’ behavioral and adaptability issues and many more. The app has also evolved as a result of Wooqer working with Visual Merchandising leaders and understanding their challenges. We figured how similar yet diverse each retailer’s requirements and approach to Visual Merchandising is, thus the app can be customized as per business needs as well.

The app to accelerate & support your visual merchandising game
Know completion progress real-time
Track execution quality through compliance report
Identify top performing teams
Understand top issues and identify process refinement or training needs
Top Capabilities
Geo Tracking
Live Camera Evidence
Real-Time Auto-Aggregated Reports
Automated PPT Generator
Picture Evidence
Video Evidence
Date | Time stamp on Pictures
Automated Escalations
Predefined Cut-off or End date
User Access Management
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