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Retail Growth Program

A Wooqer growth program exclusively for retailers with < 10 outlets and upto 25 users

Ensure compliance to Standard Operating procedures

Launch your Standard Operating Procedures, certify store staff, launch amendments and implement the entire SOP digitally with mobile enabled checklists, audits and data collection. Get real-time visibility into compliances and insights for timely and right interventions with ready to use apps from the Wooqer Marketplace

  • Get started with ready to use apps from the Wooqer Marketplace
  • Ensure location, device, identity and time compliance
  • Eliminate follow-ups through a built in reminder engine
  • Configure the Marketplace apps to suit your needs

Deliver the planned customer experience at every store every day!

Launch Visual Merchandising Guidelines and ensure timely, accurate implementation at every single store with mobile access to guidelines and a post implementation picture submission app that brings pictures from all stores into a single place for review.

  • Share Visual Merchandising Guidelines
  • Get implementation pictures from all stores
  • Automated reminders drive timely action
  • Real-time reports and insights to build accountability

Train people. Launch new products. Broadcast videos. Share ideas. Easy.

Drive daily business results by training people on what helps them do their job better. Make a show out of new product launches, notify people when something new is available, generate early feedback, and ensure everyone who needs to know - knows.

  • Share content in any form, format or size
  • Be in know of people’s progress & performance
  • Have central focus of business visible to everyone
  • New product launches are an all show event now!

Make daily work manageable and scalable with digital workflows, tasks and more

Wish your colleague a Happy Birthday. Share information. Run appraisals. Capture employee, customer or partner feedback. Act on tasks that matter. Get insights for decisions. All in a day's work for you. All on one App for you.

  • Capture Feedback: Employees, Customers, Partners
  • Enable team to wish peers a Happy Birthday!
  • Assign tasks. Adhoc or structured.
  • Establish controls with digital audits

Retail Growth WorkAppsSEE ALL

Get started with ready to use retail apps from the Wooqer Marketplace, built by experts and tried and tested across 100+ retailers. These retail solutions help you with your digital transformation initiatives and prepare for growth and scale.

Program DetailsSEE ALL


Retailers with 10 or less stores are eligible for the program. If you have more than 10 stores, talk to sales to explore available options. The Program is designed to purpose and brings smaller retailers access to WorkApps exclusively designed for small networks and teams.

Program Scope

The Program enables you to digitize and mobile enable your core Business processes and content with access to:

Producer ID: 1

User IDs : Upto 25

WorkApps: Upto 10

Storage: 50 GB

+ access to all core Platform features like Social, Modules, Surveys, Retro, Birthdays, Holiday Calendar + more.

Looking for more? Talk to sales to explore additional options


At 0.16 cents (Rs 12 | AED 0.6) per day per store, cost is a no brainer with this program. For less than the cost of a daily cup of tea, you get to digitize your core Business processes and build a scalable business.

One time Setup Fee: $399

License fee (3 years): $1800

*Taxes applicable as per applicable rates

Getting Started

Getting started is easy and most retailers achieve their first success within the first 14 dys. Click here for detailed information around Getting Started. As part of the Pricing framework shared above, you get access to

  • A personalized Wooqer PI (url)
  • Upto 10 WorkApps from the Wooqer Marketplace
  • Access to Wooqer training Webinars for your Producer
  • Product training resources for both your Producer and Users
  • Access to Wooqer Helpdesk* for your authorized Wooqer Admin to get troubleshooting support

Consider the Wooqer First Success Guarantee Pack if you wish to avail additional support.

* The Wooqer Helpdesk is accessible at between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM IST on all working days and 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM IST on weekends and holidays.

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