Start of Day WorkApp - Jewelry
Ensure customer readiness at every store every day
It's free. No Credit Card needed!
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!

With the mobile enabled Start of Day WorkApp you can get your Store Managers out of the back office and onto the Shop floor for as much as 60 – 90 minutes per day. Get real-time visibility as they complete / review all Store Opening checklist action items and ensure that every store is ready for customers every single day.

A structured visual evidence submission framework with date/ time stamps, live camera evidence and geo-fencing ensure that the Store Manager is at the store and doing the Start of Day walkthrough of the store. Automated reminders reduce mundane but necessary follow up effort while building accountability.

The structured reporting framework provides visibility into process compliance across stores and ensures consistent customer experience across.

Visibility into top issues identified during the Start of Day walkthrough helps get insights for decisions and actions. Contextual tasks for correcting non compliances ensure that team sees them through resolution.

Identify top issues to drive decisions and actions
Get insights into process compliance and identify points of failure
Identify training needs and plan interventions

This WorkApp is a necessity for all retailers with more than 1 store. Retailers with only 1 store also benefit from this WorkApp in case the promoter is not physically at the store on a daily basis and needs visibility into start of day task completion to ensure store readiness for customers.

You can be up and running on this Start of Day WorkApp within 4 hours! All you need to do is to upload your store and user list on Wooqer and invite them to use the WorkApp. You may also want to make a few configuration changes like Add or remove fields or sections and choose where response/ evidence is needed and where it is mandatory or optional.

Getting started with the Wooqer Start of Day WorkApp does not require external support, but consider support or a Wooqer Creator training in case you need to make significant configuration changes to the WorkApp.

The Start of Day WorkApp brings in years of on-ground experience enabling a million+ start of days at stores across geographies. It is optimized based on these learnings and can handle practical challenges like poor or no network scenarios, behavioral issues around people not doing the walkthrough or not being physically present at the store during the Start of Day period. You get visibility and it’s credible.

Insights from the Start of Day WorkApp
Track process completion for day to day governance
Track store readiness through compliance report
Catch misses proactively and drive timely intervention
Understand top issues and identify process refinement or training needs
Top Capabilities
Geo Tracking
Compliance Report
Completion Report
Picture Evidence
Video Evidence
Live Camera Evidence
Date | Time stamp on Pictures
Contextual Tasks
Automated Escalations
Predefined Cut-off or End date
User Access Management
Cut-off Compliance
About Creator
Store Coherence
Orchestrate your store operations, anytime, anywhere. We help you to run your businesses efficiently while you stay mobile!
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