Get Started

One App for all Ops with everything you need to get your job done

Before you start

Prepare for the launch

Name Your Wooqer : Naming your Wooqer gives it a personalized identity and url that may have most meaning for your team. Example:, <brandname>

Define Scope – Less is more through early days. Identify and decide on 3-5 core initiatives to start with. Click here to choose from Starting WorkApps designed to give you a successful start.

Identify your Producer(s) – The Producer is the Business owner of the process | WorkApp identified as part of the scope above and is the one to configure and run it on Wooqer, owning end to end responsibility for the WorkApp.

Prepare your Data – Bring together data for mapping Roles, Units and Users to get a quick start.

Understand Wooqer

Wooqer is an App for Ops built to make day to day work easy by enabling Business users to create, find and discover WorkApps that help get the job done.

Wooqer enables:

  • Information distribution and tracking
  • Data aggregation and insights and
  • Communications and learning

On Wooqer, you shall find powerful WorkApps built with years of experience and expertise behind to help you get a quick start with your digitization and mobile enablement efforts. Visit the Wooqer Marketplace to find and discover these WorkApps. Try them and drop a line to to get your chosen ones up and running on your own Wooqer. You can always reconfigure these WorkApps to best suit your own Business needs.

You can also create your own WorkApps on Wooqer. Register and join in for the Wooqer Certifications to fast forward your creation efforts. Chances are you can address many of your digitization needs in some form or the other, with Wooqer!

Understand the Journey

You have a very well defined journey ahead of you, with the first 14 days being dedicated to a quick PI setup followed by a successful launch of your first WorkApp. Your first success is defined by login and participation by 100% users on the first WorkApp. Thereafter you can go ahead and launch additional WorkApps in your scope and with Wooqer Product training behind, by Day 30 you can also go to to create your own WorkApps as you take your Wooqer value beyond what you had originally envisaged.

Check out Launch Resources

As you get started, take a look at these Launch resources which summarize practical learnings from across rollouts giving you a headstart with your efforts!

Understand Support

The Wooqer Setup fee covers

  • Creation and handover of your Wooqer environment
  • Access to your chosen WorkApps from the Wooqer Marketplace,
  • Wooqer training webinars and
  • An Onboarding Partner who can you reach out to for answers to any questions that you may have.

Consider the Wooqer First Success Support packs if you think you may need additional help around

  • Configuring WorkApps procured from the Wooqer Marketplace
  • Need to create new WorkApps through early days
  • Need help with PI setup or
  • Personalized trainings

Your users are best helped internally by your designated producer or an internal IT Helpdesk. Refer the Wooqer User FAQ Manual , a resource designed to train your Internal IT Helpdesk and equip them with answers to frequently asked questions by users. The next section on Getting the First Success has links to resources that you can use to train your users on an ongoing basis.

While Wooqer is designed to be a DIY (Do it yourself) tool and our efforts are mostly directed towards enabling your producer to be self sufficient to enable speed and cost savings for your organization, we do recognize that at times, getting expert assistance may be a better way towards these objectives. Wooqer Professional Services help you in getting access to such services when needed. Talk to your Wooqer Partner to understand and explore these Add on services and consider them when needed.