Starter WorkApps

WorkApps that give you the best start!

With years of experience helping organizations through their digital journey, we have created an optimal starting Apps pack to help you get a great start and reach your goals quickly.  Start with:


1. One Daily WorkApp – To build the habit of daily logins

Start with simple WorkApps that are tried and tested on Wooqer and are also a part of your team’s daily routine. The Start of Day and End of Day WorkApps are ideal candidates for this. Check out the Wooqer Marketplace for these ready to use WorkApps or  join the Wooqer trainings and create your own. In case you have an idea and you can neither find what you are looking for on the Wooqer Marketplace nor are not able to create it yourself, click here to share your idea. If it’s a Wooqer fit, we’ll get an app ready for you within 24-48 hours as part of the Wooqer Professional Services.


2. One Module (content) – To bring value to users and ensure that they know how to access modules

Start with the Standard Operating Procedures, a new launch that is underway, a training that you wish to take to all or any other content relevant at the time. Bring the content in an as is format, breaking larger files into smaller Chapters on Wooqer for easy consumption in small nuggets, You can come back and evolve the content later. Do not waste time trying to upgrade the content at time of launch.


3. An Engagement Activity – Make Wooqer a fun place 

Create a reason for users to want to be on Wooqer and they’ll overcome the teething issues on their own, happily! Fashion shows, Talent hunts, Brand quizzes, selfie contests and recognition programs are some ideas for consideration. But feel free to come up with your own.


4.  Survey – To introduce team to the opportunity of giving anonymous feedback

Ask for any feedback that is relevant at the given time. Check out Surveys available on the Wooqer marketplace and get them on your Wooqer if relevant for you. If nothing else, a Wooqer Feedback survey itself could be a great way to introduce the team to the concept of anonymous feedback.


With this simple set of ideas for the first launch, you are very likely to hit your first success within the first 14 days. Over-communication and a positive approach recognizing early adopters while nudging  the laggards with a sell and tell approach consistently delivers great adoption through early days.