Author: Poornima Mohandas

Time to read: 2 minutes

While it may be all gloom and doom around, we thought we might bring in some colour and inspiration for your next season with a visual merchandising photo essay. We wish you well and hope you find this an interesting read.

Here are 10 inspiring visual merchandising ideas for your retail store.
1. Create a Space of Luxury

This luxury brand’s experiment with a series of pendant lights along with leather seating makes for a cozy and rich look.
2. Play with Colour

The wide assortment of merchandise in visually stimulating colors along with accent furniture is sure to catch the eye

3. Strange Bedfellows

What brings a leopard and a bellboy together? French designer brand, Cartier brings them in sync and makes it sheer elegance.

4. Go Natural

A natural look can work well for an organic clothing store with natural plants, natural fibre mats, and a wooden bench.

5. Thematic Cheer for the Christmas Holidays

This home decor store’s themed layout complete with frosted glass, mistletoes, and baubles can attract many walk-ins.

6. A Wall of Shoes to Inspire the Runner in You

A wall of shoes from floor to ceiling can definitely encourage passers by to run into your high street store and grab a pair of sneakers.

7. Display Your Designer Collection Boldly

Display your designer range in style. Golden watches perched up on bottle green sheets of glass make it simple yet stylish.

8. Books Can Be Grand

Double ceiling bookshelves can make even books look grand and imposing.

9. The Perfect Sepia-Toned Window

Natural light can be your friend. Yellow light floods the window display setting the perfect sepia tone to this daffodil fixture.

10. How About Some Shine

Filling your shop window with shiny balls in your season’s colour scheme can serve as an attractive prop for handbags and clothing

Hope you find these ideas inspiring. Good luck planning for the upcoming season in your stores!