Question Properties

Understand the different Question properties and when to use what

Question Property

Available in


Requires Attachment All question types

Decide if you need attachments with any response and whether the attachment is mandatory .

Enabling only images would allow users to allow multiple images. With image attachments you have an option to restrict to only live camera clicks and even choose whether you want to restrict the click to a portrait or landscape picture. Use the ‘Only Camera Evidence’ property

If any other attachment types is enabled, the user can attach only one file.

Enabling document allows users to attach a ppt, pdf, doc, xls or a zip file.

Requires Action Recommended on MCQ, Short answer, Descriptive This simple click can convert a form to a workflow. By using this option, you can add various levels on a process; by default level zero is considered to be all the questions without any levels. While creating levels, you can assign same level to multiple questions and also to multiple users. Additionally, you cannot skip a level, you have to create levels in succession for the process to function properly.
Milestone MCQ, Score, Short answer – Date t is a question level alert option that allows users to get alerts for any non compliant questions. This can be only set on MCQ and Score type of questions and once set, every user needs to subscribe to them on user level from the Reports>Milestone tab, to get an Email or SMS alert every time a milestone is achieved.
Administrators only Recommended on MCQ, Short answer, Descriptive This is akin to the ‘For office use only’ section seen in physical forms. This field can only be updated by the process owner from the edit option available when seeing reports. You have an option to decide whether this response is visible to the assignee or not
Allow Edit All question types. But not recommended

If you had checked ‘Allow Data Edit’ when configuring the process, you can decide whether the user can edit this field after the original submission.  Saying: ‘Always’ will allow users to modify the submissions any time whereas ‘Till first entry’ will only allow them to come back and submit an empty field later.  For this to work, the given question would need to be non mandatory.

PS – Allowing edit is not recommended as it impacts data integrity


MCQ, Short Answer

Tagging a question as a “Spotlight” is useful in multi-level workflows. With this feature you can allow the person receiving the submission see the response to the spotlight question and use that data to pick the record that he/ she wants to act on first.

Enable Bar Code

Short Answer, Descriptive

If you want to read a Bar Code or a QR Code, enable this property to allow the user to read this value using the App scanner. The SKU / EAN ID or link behind the code will be captured as a response to the question.

Apply formula

Data Collection : Score | Short Answer – Date

Select tasks from the left window (organized by sections), adding them to the workspace (empty box) in the center by clicking >> Select expression (*,+) from the collection in right. You can also undo selection or clear window by clicking relevant icons in the workspace. Once the formula is configured, click on “Apply”

The ‘Compute on Summary’ option runs the formula after aggregating underlying fields across and the ‘Aggregate on Summary’ option leads to the formula being applied at a record level with the computed fields getting added in the summary.