Create Users

This is where you create users who you want to extend Wooqer access to. Users can be on roll employees or partner employees, external vendors or partners. Access can be provided through a mail ID or a mobile number and each user gets an independent identity through which access rights can be managed.

Users need to be mapped to Roles and Units and before you start creating Users, you need to ensure that the Roles and Units are already created.

A. Click on “Manage PI” >> “Users”


B. Create Users

Create Users manually one by one

B.1 : Click on "Add New"

Start creating users with top down hierarchy in order to map the managers. Eg. If person B reports to person A , create person A's id first.

B.2 : Enter the User information

Guidelines for entering User Information

Field NameMandatoryDescription
First NameYesName of the user.
Last NameNoLast name of the user.
EmailYesEmail Id of the user. It is mandatory if user logs in with email id.
MobileYesMobile number of the user. It is mandatory user logs in with mobile number.
Employee IdNoCompany employee id of the user.
Login UsingYesSelect the option with which user will login (Email/Mobile0
EmailUser will be able to login with 'Email' as login id. One Time Forgot Password will be sent on 'Email' only.
MobileUser will be able to login with 'Mobile' as login id. One Time Forgot Password will be sent on 'Mobile' only.
LevelYesSelect induction.
Organization RoleYesRole as per the organization.
StoreYesStore/Unit associated with the user.
ManagerNoThe reporting manager of the user.
ActiveYesSelect Yes if user is active. Select No if user is inactive.
AdministratorYesAn administrator can see every thing on producer view irrespective of his role hierarchy. He carries all of the rights automatically.
Additional RightsNo
 Content creationUser with this rights can produce content(module, chapter, survey, questions, job description, process and messages).
 Media ManagementUser with this right can customize the look and feel of the dashboard created for their organization. It shall be in form of background image, home page image or retrospective.
  View reportsUser can view reports as per their hierarchy and reports assignments.
  User ManagementUser can create/edit/delete users & Store


B.3 : Save the new user

Create additional users and once done go ahead to create the processes under Content section.

B.1 :  Download sample excel file

Click here here to download or click on the Bulk upload icon on the Users tab as shown below.


B.2 : Download Store ID's

Click here to download Store IDs. Click on 'Stores' under the “Linked Data” download icon on the screen.


B.3 : Download Role ID's

Click here to download standard Role Id's. Click on the Roles link under “Linked Data” download icon on the screen. Refer to the image above.

B.4 : Guidelines for updating the Excel file

Open the 'WooqerRetail_Users' file and fill in the details as described below.

FieldExplanationMandatory / Non MandatoryMaximum

Length (character


Default Value

(if applicable)

fnameMandatory45 Wooqer
lnameNon Mandatory45 Partner
employeeIdNon Mandatory45 WQ001
countryCodeNon Mandatory49144
mobileMandatory10 9999999999
storeCode'WooqerRetail_Locations'  reference excel sheet, column BNon Mandatory20 HQ
wooqStoreId'WooqerRetail_Locations'reference excel sheet, column CMandatory12 1145
roleCode'WooqerRetail_Roles' reference excel sheet, column BNon Mandatory10 LD01
wooqRoleId'WooqerRetail_Roles' reference excel sheet, column CMandatory1211
managerEmailNon Mandatory100
managerWooqUserIdNon Mandatory45 876
managerEmployeeIdNon Mandatory45 WQ002
activeNon Mandatory111
createContentNon Mandatory101
viewReportNon Mandatory101
hrViewNon Mandatory100
msgInboxNon Mandatory100
mediaMngmtNon Mandatory100
adminNon Mandatory100

B.5 Save the excel sheet once you have completed the entries. Click on “Choose file” to select the file you have saved.  Click on open and then press submit. It will take two hours for the file to upload.


B.6: You can check the progress of upload by clicking on first icon from right under the Users tab. It will display the number of records which were successfully uploaded.


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