New Store Opening Project
Ensure a successful opening of a new store.
It's free. No Credit Card needed!
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!

The Wooqer New Store opening Project App ensures stores are deemed to be operational.

The New Store opening project is a vital process to ensure that the store is ready to be launched & deemed operational. With various factors such as the feasibility of the location, site selection, and development of business often require constant back and forth between various teams for which the individual driving this process faces a lot of hurdles in getting visibility and ensuring every element is operational in the new venture.

The app can be customizable to your needs and also with the help of evidence-based tracking, it is easier to drive visibility and close gaps & ensure operational readiness across all the factors present in the project.

Top Capabilities
Predefined Cut-off or End date
Picture Evidence
User Access Management
Real-Time Auto-Aggregated Reports
Automated PPT Generator
Automated Escalations
Top Issues
Cut-off Compliance
Completion Report
About Creator
Store Coherence
Orchestrate your store operations, anytime, anywhere. We help you to run your businesses efficiently while you stay mobile!
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