Wooqer and Luminatiq Join Hands to Propel Operational Excellence at Scale

In a strategic move that aspires to reinvent organizational growth and operational excellence, Luminatiq and Wooqer are joining hands to forge a partnership that will empower enterprises with the tools and strategies they need for sustainable expansion and efficiency. This collaboration is a testament to the shared vision of both organizations to facilitate a seamless transition into digital maturity for businesses around the globe.

Luminatiq, with its rich heritage in providing strategic advisory and consulting services, specializes in crafting and bringing about strategic outcomes such as business agility, growth & sustenance, customer engagement and increased profitability. Their expertise spans across business aspects such as Strategy Advisory, Growth Enablement, Organizational Effectiveness and Digital Transformation. 

Luminatiq’s approach is deeply rooted in understanding the unique culture and business environment of each organization it partners with. This ensures that the strategies devised are not only implementable but also aligned with the organization’s core values and long-term objectives. 

To complement this partnership, Wooqer offers a robust, mobile-first application and DIY platform to manage all store operations easily in one place. As the ‘One App for All Store Ops,’ Wooqer has been instrumental in digitizing the frontline operations of retail giants, enabling them to establish a consistent and high-quality customer experience across their stores. 

Aimed at setting expectations, sharing guidelines, measuring compliance, and fostering accountability, Wooqer ensures that businesses can make faster decisions, maintain visibility across operations, and enhance team communication. This approach has found favor with over 100,000 retail stores and restaurants in 21 countries, making Wooqer a pivotal player in operational digitization.

Leader’s Thoughts on Wooqer and Luminatiq Partnership

“We are fostering this relationship on the premise of a golden thread that combines Wooqer’s capabilities of providing a truly customizable platform to run all operations and Luminatiq’s plethora of experience in providing strategy energization, consulting, and training poised for stability at scale. We are pleased to have joined forces with Luminatiq and looking forward to sustainably accelerating enterprise digitization,” said Sarika Padeny, Co-founder at Wooqer. 


“Our team has seen and led business transformation across global organizations. The synergy between Luminatiq’s strategic acumen and Wooqer’s operational excellence platform is poised to offer enterprises a comprehensive solution that addresses immediate efficiencies and lays the groundwork for scalable growth and digital transformation,” said Sujit Prasad Koshy, COO of Luminatiq.


The partnership aims to blend Luminatiq’s strategy formulation and business transformation capabilities with Wooqer’s operational compliance and digitization prowess, enabling organizations to achieve Operations Excellence at scale. This combined force will focus on leveraging digital technologies to enhance organizational scalability and stability, ensuring that enterprises are not just prepared for the digital age but are also primed for high growth.

By harmonizing Luminatiq’s strategic insights with Wooqer’s operational capabilities, the partnership empowers organizations to embrace digitization effectively, optimizing their operations while simultaneously paving the way for scalable expansion. This holistic approach ensures that enterprises can thrive in an increasingly competitive and digital-centric business environment, achieving a perfect balance between operational efficiency and strategic growth.

Through this collaboration, Luminatiq and Wooqer are not just offering tools and strategies; they are providing a roadmap for businesses to confidently navigate their digital transformation journey, ensuring readiness for the future at every step.


About Wooqer

Wooqer is your One App for All Store Ops, used and loved by businesses to set expectations, share guidelines, measure compliance, and hold teams accountable. Wooqer helps you create the most consistent experience for customers in-store. Wooqer’s real-time, mobile-first app and DIY platform are purpose-built to empower retail leaders to digitize frontline operations, compliance, audits, data collection, and team communications with intuitive reports, enabling faster decisions and visibility. 



About Luminatiq

Luminatiq is a management consulting firm created to help aspirational companies transform into predictable, resilient, and tech-fuelled futures. Its mission is to create sustainable business resilience and growth for its customers and the multidimensional ecosystems in which it operates.



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