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Dealership Visit Report
Get the Most Out of Store Visit Reports
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!
It's free, no Credit Card needed!
Why should you use this workapp?
The Wooqer Dealership Visit Report App empowers Area Managers to conduct audits with the help of their handheld devices directly. It also gives them the added advantage of looking back to into previous store visit data and helping close open issues.
When is this workapp right for you?
Area Managers often visit stores and conduct audits on spreadsheets which usually tend to provide little to no visibility into any ongoing issues. A well-reported store can decrease operating costs and time taken, significantly.
Starting with this workapp is easy!
The app is customizable to your organization's needs. Evidence-based submissions enable regional managers to take a deep look into the functioning of the store. Automated workflow, time-bound escalations, and reminders ensure that issues discovered in the audit are resolved swiftly, without the pain of follow-ups.
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User Access Management
Completion Report
Automatic Data Collation and Reporting
Date | Time stamp on Pictures
Geo Tracking
Store Coherence
Orchestrate your store operations, anytime, anywhere. We help you to run your businesses efficiently while you stay mobile!
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