Visual Merchandising Audit

Best Practices for Visual Merchandising Audits

The main aim of any retail store is to anyhow increase sales. Many practices, strategies, and techniques are followed to attract customers. To make them available and for easy location of the product, it is very much important for the field representatives to make sure of retail displays and shelves. This helps in attracting the customers as properly maintained shelves will automatically draw the customer’s attention. Displaying properly will highlight the product’s best features and its benefits.

An effective visual merchandising audit will help the manager to induce the customer to buy the product. Also, it helps the customer to find and locate the product easily. For example- in the section of a variety of shampoos, placing other hair products like conditioner and hair serums in the next section will help the customer to get them. Visual merchandising will cover store exterior, store layout, store interior, and interior display. Undoubtedly, this has helped in putting a positive impact on customer experiences and store’s profits and productivity. It gives a good appearance to the store as well and looks very welcoming to the customers.

Following are some of the best practices for visual merchandising audits:

  • Smart planning- Visual merchandising planning will help the manager and the staff with smart planning of the store. This will increase the volume of sales, which will further increase the profits. Ask your field representatives to make often visit considering the points like last visit date, location, sales, etc.
  • Inventory audit- This is very important to do after a specific interval. The field representatives should make sure of counting the items or products left and should pre-order them before it gets finished and provides inconvenience to the customer. Arrange the storeroom where you have to store all the extra boxes of inventory. This will help you to capture the stock level effectively.
  • Product condition- The presentation of the product is all that matters. Remove any torn, tempered, or damaged product from the shelves. This has a negative effect on the mind of the customer. Field representatives should take note of these and should place fresh and clean products to attract potential buyers. Make sure to bring this thing to the store manager’s notice.
  • Collect data consistently- During audits, make sure to accurately collect the customer’s data into graphs and table form. Data collected while customer visits should be maintained and stored in the cloud computing system for future reference.
  • Visual records- The store manager should be consistent in clicking the snap of the retail store showing the display and other stuff to the operational managers with the added location. This will help the higher authorities to keep a check on the maintenance of the store.

So above are some of the best practices for visual merchandising audits. Visual merchandising planning will ensure your effective marketing efforts in your retail business. ‘Wooqer’ will provide an effective mobile-enabled visual merchandising auditing for your business operations. This will help your store to look appealing and attractive.

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