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Jobs you can add to your retail store daily checklist

Running any retail store involves lots of small duties and tasks that help in effective functioning. Managing the staff, allotting duties, keeping an inventory, cleaning after regular intervals etc. all should be done to the smooth functioning of operations. It is important to streamline all the activities and processes and make sure that all the staff members are aware of their duties to be performed. For this, the branch manager should be attentive and must have clear thoughts while assigning duties like who will handle customer complaints, return policies, inventory shortage, greeting shoppers, etc.

All these can be handled effectively with the help of a retail store daily checklist. The manager can make its best use by noting down all the duties. The checklist will act as a reminder for the manager as he can easily ensure that all the activities are done on time at regular intervals. This has helped many small businesses to attract customers as the inventory is stocked, cleanliness is maintained, and proper staff is present for assistance. This has reduced the mental stress of the managers as they need not remind everything.

Following are some of the jobs you can add to your retail checklist while preparing it:

Security check- While opening and closing the store, the checklist will remind you to switch on and off the lights on time, maintain the inventory, arm the security alarms, and lock all the counters and drawers. This will maintain security and safety.
Hygiene- The checklist will remind the staff to clean all the glass and windows. The employee who is allotted this job will dust the shelves and displays, clean the storerooms and washrooms.
Setup displays- When we enter any retail store, it is mandatory to maintain displays in a proper manner. The checklist will help you to remind you about restocking the shelves, reducing clutters, and checking the price tags that whether they are placed right or not.
Closing duties- When closing the retail store, it is important to switch off the lights and electrical equipment, lock the door, window panels, and cash drawer, make sure that CCTVs are on, turning on night lights, etc. These things will be included in your checklist, and while closing, you can tick them while completing these tasks.
Restock inventory- This will help in reminding you about restocking the inventory. You can pre-order the items which you think are left less. This will get more and more customers to your retail store.

Perpetual inventory count will ensure that you have the optimum level of stock in your retail store. When the inventory is left less than the standard schedule, you can pre-order the items. This can be done on a regular basis.

So, above are some of the jobs you can add to your daily retail checklist. There are many apps through which you can develop a checklist. You can even edit the templates provided according to your needs and desires. ‘Wooqer’ is one of the known and well-reputed apps which help the retail stores to build an effective and productive checklist for smooth operations.

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