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Visual Merchandising Audit
Implement VM changes easier and faster while driving consistent look and feel across businesses.
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!
It's free, no Credit Card needed!
Why should you use this workapp?
All feedback gets captured in a single report, enabling insights for decision-making. The ratings automatically create a VM scorecard for those responsible for the implementation and as they become part of their performance ratings, accountability is another day at the office.
What decisions that this workapp power?
The Wooqer Visual Merchandising Audit App enables a mobile-enabled VM implementation audit process wherein units make the submission showcasing proof of implementing the VM guidelines and managers can review and rate the efforts made by the vertical. The App allows management to drive compliance and consistency across all their units. With reminders, follow-ups, and escalation, allows them to ensure adherence to the guidelines and ensure the task is completed within a short period of time. Integrated task management allows managers to close gaps and ensure the unit is aesthetically pleasing and customer-ready.
When is this workapp right for you?
A monthly or quarterly merchandising audit is a great way of measuring VM implementation compliance across businesses.
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Live Camera Evidence
Compliance Report
User Access Management
Visual Edge
Gear up your visual merchandising with Visual Edge. Smooth and effective VM implementation with boggling insights to drive better decision.
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