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Food Safety Inspection Checklist
A mobile enabled checklist to ensure the safety of the food sold
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!
It's free, no Credit Card needed!
Why should you use this workapp?
The Wooqer Food Safety Inspection Checklist is a mobile-enabled checklist that provides evidence-based submission which omits the dependency on paper. It ramps up the process of providing an approval that certifies that the food is fit for sale/consumption.
What decisions that this workapp power?
An environmentally friendly and cost-effective audit with the ability to create tasks conduct follow-ups and escalate if and when necessary.
When is this workapp right for you?
Businesses when they offer food to customers often need to ensure and safeguard the health and safety of the consumers and to ensure that the food is up to the standards. Pen and paper checklists are often costly and harness the environment adding on, it increases the time taken to provide an approval. Managers often face the problem of handling various evidence to substantiate the particulars which leads to back and forth with the business.
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