Mobile Tech Lead

Job Description

Mobile Tech Lead

About the Role

Our mobile platforms make our oneApp and is a portal for hundreds of thousands of users to Get the job done, everyday, faster and smarter. Over years, users have rated their experience very high with our engagement Apps (4.8 on Android for >4K reviews & 4.5 on iOS). Our users rate us the easiest to use platform! We are just getting started.

Wooqer is now building leadership to further elevate our user experiences by helping them Get the job done even faster, smarter and gracefully. This position shall provide the necessary leadership and direction to our efforts.

What you will do

  • You'll be responsible for imagining, architecting, designing and refining the mobile experiences for Wooqer users to deliver on Wooqer promise at the highest possible level and beyond.
  • You're scope covers our current mobile efforts as well as extending the mobile efforts into evolving technology opportunities.
  • You'll build a high quality team and environment to help them do their best work.

What you’ll need

  • A vision on how users engage with mobile platforms. You are a technologist and an engineer (mobility).
  • The experience of shipping at least 1 highly rated iOS or Android App and have seen the cycle of refining the App(incorporate user feedback, stabilise availability and refactor priority features).
  • The ability to inspire people to join your vision. You care passionately about their success.
  • At minimum you have majored at the top of your class from any respected technology school globally.
  • You have work experience of >6 years and have experienced growth in a fast paced environment.
  • You aspire to work with equally talented people and raise the bar for any team.
  • You have an eye for details - in design, in use cases, in presentations and in user feedback.

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