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This is the pace where you will set the  properties of your Apps.

Process name Define the process Name.

Right next to the “Process Name”, is an option called “Exclude this process from search”; which can be used incase a Producer doesn’t want this Process to be visible in the search list for any other Producers. The reasons for the same can be varying.

Process Objective The objective is basically setting up the goal for your Process.  Objective which once keyed-in will be visible to the users before starting the Process.
Instructions The next field “Instructions” is a non mandatory and can be used to type the instructions for the users; basically, detailed information about how the process should be done or operated.
Coverage The “Coverage” field, will basically allow you to select or create an entity that you are trying to assess. You can choose from Cities, Units, Modules, Users, Process, Resources and Others.

If you have created any groups using Resources earlier, then you can choose them by selecting “Resource” whereas, if you want to create some entity from a scratch; then you can use “Others”.

Coverage Selected as Stores or Users You will also have an option to ” Add all Units automatically and add new Units as coverage” (store as coverage)/ “Users should be able to fill and view reports of this process for themselves” (user as coverage).

Former one will automatically add all active and newly created active stores to the coverage every time they are added and the latter will automatically share the reports of all selected for their submissions with them.

Occurrence Configure whether the Process is going to be “One time” or “Recurring”.
Timezone Select the Time zone of the Process in which the process is targeted. Cutoff time will be calculated as per this time zone.
Periodicity This field gives you an option to select how often this Process repeats itself. You can choose from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-annually, annually or set a custom frequency.
Cut – Off Set a “Start and End time of the Process for the chosen frequency.

You can choose to “Allow Future dates” submission using this option. Once “Has a Cut-off” checkbox is checked, you can select between two configurations, “Allow process after cut-off” and “Do not Allow Process after cut-off”.

Former, will allow users to submit the Process even after cut-off; however, in the reports the Producers can see whether the users were compliant or not.

Subsequently, latter will not allow users to submit the process after cut-off.

Geo Location  This setting allows to check whether the process was filled at the store or away from the store. (If this feature is disabled you can Contact Wooqer spoc). Once the box checked you can select from two options.

First one “Allow people to submit outside the fence” will allow users to submit the process from outside the geofenced area; however, in the reports the system will record it as non compliance.

Second option, “Do not allow people to submit outside the fence”, will not allow users to “Start the process for any store unless they are within the configured geofence”.

Geolocation functionality works in conjunction with only Stores/Units and will work effectively only if while creating a store the geocoordinates for the store have been updated correctly.

Enable Data Edit Allow users and report admins to edit data once submitted. Selecting this option enables edit for the entire report. You’ll also have to configure edit option on each task to make the entire process editable.
Duplicates Facilitates more than one users submitting data for the same form if assigned. You’ll have options to view data from different sources on reports.

Additionally, once checked, you can also configure the reports by using “Report Config” option and choosing from the relevant option in the dropdown.

Only Camera Evidence It will restrict the users to only take pictures in real-time for any attachment enabled questions.
Multiple Records Allows users to fill the form multiple times during the defined period. This is best suited when more than one records on a form are expected.

Additionally, once checked, you can also configure the reports by using “Report Config” option and choosing from the relevant option in the dropdown.

End Date Gives you an option to set the closing date of the process.
Group Code You can create a new group or use an existing one for easy accessibility of processes. To create a new group you will have to enter 3 Alphanumeric characters in the first field, once done, then you’ll see an option to key in the title of the group in a small dialog box which appears instantly after keying in the data in the first field.
Save Once you have configured the properties of the process on this window as per your requirement, to save them, you need to click on “Save” button.