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Share & Track Content

Everything you need to know to create on Wooqer

As a Content Creator, Wooqer enables you to share and track content through Modules

It is a coursework with learning objective! You can create a new module in minutes by compiling various chapters. Set it as a beginner, upgrade or custom module and activate it for induction or advanced learning.

A Module is a collection of Chapters (files)  meant for delivery to a common target audience. It can be a simple communication, a knowledge repository, a new launch or  coursework with a learning objective!

When to use this building block

In Modules you can add various chapters (files) everyday to keep your team updated will all the changes. You can also use this for training users on your new SOPs, Training modules etc


Chapters: PDF, PPT, EXCEL, Video, Audio, Images, ZIP

Questions: MCQ, Short, Descriptive

Module properties: Objective, Summary, Module Type, References, Duration, Role Locking


Questions: Score, Rating, Drop-down select, NPS, Location

Process properties: Coverage's, Timezone, Occurrence, Cut-off, Data Edit, Geo-compliance, Duplicates, Only Camera Evidence, Multiple Records, Maximum Score, End Date, Group Code, System Calculated Score

Use cases

Store Communication, Visual Merchandising guidelines, SOP guidelines, Training content

If you have not created any Module on your Wooqer yet, start with Chapter creation

Go to the 'Content' >> 'Chapters' tab on your Wooqer Producer view

Option 1: Drag and drop files in bulk

  • This option is recommended for bulk upload of multiple files.
  • You can upload upto 20 files in one go with each file being a maximum of 25MB.
  • Questions cannot be added to Chapters during upload when using this approach. Try Option 2: Add files one by one when uploading learning content or upload in bulk and then go on to Edit Chapters to add questions later.
  • The name of the uploaded file automatically becomes the Chapter name. So it is recommended that you name files to what you wish see them called on Wooqer. You can Edit Chapter name after uploading and saving it also.


Option 2: Add files one by one

Click on 'Add new' within the Chapters screen to create Chapters individually. This approach is recommended when uploading large files or learning content where each file has some questions attached to it.

NameYesChange any time while inactiveThe name as you would want it to be visible to users. Each Chapter should have a unique name upto 30 characters. Go for names that users are likely to use when searching for this content
SummaryChange any time while inactiveAdd a brief about the Chapter 
Course ContentYesChange any time while inactiveThis is the file that you wish to upload. You can upload a single file in pptx, pdf, docx, zip, audio or video format. ZIP, Xlsx and Cdr files can be shared through Wooqer  but remember to make them downloadable as they need to be downloaded for viewing. Each file can be upto 500MB 
ThresholdChange any time while inactiveIf you intend to add questions to the Chapter, add a Threshold to define the pass percentage against those questions
Add QuestionsChange any time while inactiveTo assess your users’ understanding of the content, it is recommended that you ad questions that follow the content and need to be answered for the users’ to be marked as progressed on this Chapter.

Go for MCQ questions, where the correct answer can be marked and the user’s progress auto-assessed. Users are marked as progressed when they can answer all questions correctly. In absence of questions, user can Mark completion actively by clicking on a ‘Mark Complete’ button / icon at end of Chapter

You can ‘Add new’ questions or ‘Select questions’ tat you may have created for another Chapter in the past, from the Question BankUse the arrow icons on the right to change question order. Use the 'X' sign to drop a question

Closing TextChange any time while inactiveAdd text to show to user post Chapter Completion
TagsChange any time while inactiveFiles can be searched using Module name, Chapter name and Tags. Tags allow you to add upto 5 Search key terms against any Chapter (file). The words should be single words without spaces in between. Click on the + icon to add more tags

Click on 'Save' once done

You will now get an option to 'Share' or 'Skip'

'Skip' to go to the Chapters screen and make further edits to the Chapter. You can make it Downloadable, Enable comments, change Chapter name,  change File or change/add/ remove questions. When done with creation of all your Chapters, go to to Create 'Module'

'Share' to create a new Module with this Chapter added to it.

Pro Tip :Do not create new Modules for every file that you need to share. Create a set of Modules as placeholders for various subjects and add/ remove Chapters from these Modules.

You need to have at least 1 Chapter created on your Wooqer ID to start creating your first Module.

Go to the 'Content' >> 'Modules' tab on your Wooqer Producer view an click on 'Add New' on the right

Create the module by defining the following







Change any time while inactive

The name as you would want it to be visible to users. Each Module should have a unique name upto 30 characters. Go for names that users are likely to use when searching for this content


Change any time while inactive

Define an objective that is communicated to users as part of the launch communication mail


Change any time while inactive

Define a summary that is communicated to users as part of the launch communication mail

Module Type


Change any time while inactive

A module tagged as "Beginner", can be seen by Induction & Advanced level of users. Whereas, a module tagged as "Upgrade" can be only be seen by Advanced level of users. Always go for ‘Beginner’

Modules marked as ‘Spotlight’ act as Featured or Sticky modules and are always visible under the Spotlight section

Add Content


Change any time while inactive

Upload new Chapters (files) from your computer or click on "Wooqer" option to add Chapter(s) already created on your Wooqer. 

Just as in Bulk Chapter upload, you can upload a maximum of 20 files using the drag and drop feature with each file being less than 25MB. The file name shall automatically become the Chapter name, so name your files accordingly. You can go back to Edit Chapter and change Chapter name later.


Change any time while inactive

This is purely for your personal reference to remember any context that you need to, around this Chapter. No one else sees this


Change any time while inactive

If this Module has time bound relevance, add a ‘Duration’ post which the Module will automatically deactivate and o away from your users’ screens. However as this happens, you shall continue to see the content and the reports on your Producer view and can edit/ reactivate the module if needed. 

Not adding any duration makes the module perpetual in nature and it shall stay active till you choose to deactivate it.

Assign to


Change any time while inactive

By assigning the module to specific roles at this level, you can lock the module to people holding those roles and new people joining coming into the assigned roles shall automatically get access to the module on ID creation /role change.

If you are not ready to launch the module yet and wish to test it by assigning to yourself or some select people first, do not assign here yet. Go on to do a manual assignment to self for testing and come back to Edit the module and do the role locking

Click on the  'Save' button. You can now 'Configure' the module first or go on to 'Assign' it straight away.

If you click on "Configure",  you will be redirected to a screen where you can manage the added chapters and set their properties and arrangement.

1. Add more files - If you had missed uploading some files originally,  drag and drop more into the Module now

2. Reorder - Change the order in which the Chapters are presented int he module

3. Remove - Feel free to remove Chapters that were included mistakenly and need dropping

4. Click on the Chapter name to preview the uploaded file and make sure that it has converted properly

5. Define Chapter Settings

Comment - Click on 'change' to enable users to 'Comment' on the Chapter. You can do this only if you are the Chapter owner.

Public - When Comments are public, it means that all assignees of this Chapter can comment on it and read each other's comments on a common thread. Change status to 'Private' to enable multiple such threads to open up and comments by each assignee to be visible only to you.

Click on 'Done' oncc ready to move on and Assign the Module to your target audience

If you had assigned the Module and locked it to specific roles while creating it, the module would already be shown as assigned to the target users at this point.

However, if you had not yet locked it to roles or do not wish to assign by roles,  you can do specific assignments now.

1. Assign - Click on the 'Assign' icon to assign the Module to your target audience. The 'Assignees' shall be able to and responsible for seeing the uploading content and where applicable answer questions to be Marked as progressed on the Module

2. Share reports - Click on the 'Share' icon to share reports of the Module with specific users

  1. Auto-share the report with users themselves, their Managers or multiple levels of their Management hierarchy
  2. Use the Search box to find the user you wish to share the report(s) with and click on the number of users on the right to define if they can see the report for all users or a specific set of users.

3. See Assignees | Un-assign - A very unique feature of Wooqer is that you can also withdraw content access from users at any point of time. This is super useful when a wrong person has been extended access by mistake. Just click on the list of Assignees or Shared to see who has access to what and withdraw access if needed or add more assignees in case someone got missed out.

Click on 'Activate Module' or once  you are done with your Assignments or come back to the 'Modules' screen and click on the 'change' button under 'State' to activate the Module.

Your app is being generated.

We shall let you know shortly.

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