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Create Data Collection Apps

Data collection is the process of gathering and measuring information on targeted variables in an established system, which then enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes. On Wooqer, using Data Collection process you can collect any kind of data – quantitative or qualitative. Allow dynamic alteration by adding questions depending on the answers provided by the users.

A. Click on “Content” >> “Processes”

B. Create Stores

B.1 : Click on “Add New”


1.2 : Enter the Store information


Guidelines for entering Store Information

Field NameMandatoryDescription
ImageNoUpload a high resolution image of the store
NameYesStore name as per the nomenclature followed
Display NameNoStore display name
Brand NameNoBrand Name associated with the store
AddressYesPhysical address of the Store
AreaYesArea in which the store is located
CountryYesCountry name in which the store is located
StateYesState in which the store is located
CityYesCity in which the store is located
ZipNoPin code of the store
GeolocationNo Lat/ Long of the store
PhoneNo Store landline number
FaxNoStore fax number
MobileNoStore manager mobile number
EmailNoStore email id
Key ContactNoStore Manager name
Store IdNoCompany store id


1.3 : Save the new store

Save and Add New Store. Once done go ahead to create additional stores.

B.1 :  Download sample excel file

Click Here to download or click on the Bulk upload icon on the Stores tab as shown below.

B.2 : Download City IDs

Click here to download standard City IDs. Click on ‘Cities’ under the “Linked Data” download icon on the screen. Keep the excel file for reference. In case any additional city is needed write to Help Desk(

B.3 : Guidelines for updating the Excel file

Open the 'WooqerRetail_Locations' file and fill in the details as described below.

FieldExplanationMandatory / Non MandatoryMaximum



Default Value (if applicable)Example
nameStore NameMandatory100 Head Quarters
AddressAddress of the storeMandatory100 #1090, 18th Cross,

Sector 3

AreaArea in which store existsMandatory40 HSR Layout
cityIdGet the city code from the reference sheet column BMandatory12 10
zipPin code for the storeNon Mandatory10 560102
phoneLandline/Mobile number for the storeNon Mandatory8 80-26175620
faxFax number for the store.Non Mandatory8 80-26184058

B.4 : Save the excel sheet once you have completed the entries. Click on “Choose file” to select the file you have saved.  Click on open and then press submit. It will take two hours for the file to upload.

B.5 : You can check the progress of upload by clicking on first icon from right under the Users tab. It will display the number of records which were successfully uploaded.

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