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FieldSub FieldDescription
Add new TaskQuestion TypeThere are 12 question types:

1. Multiple Choice Single Answer – allows users to choose only one answer.

2. Multiple Choice Multiple Answer – allows users to choose multiple answers.

3. Score – Allows to enter only numbers.

4. Rating – Allows to rate a few areas using various rating options.

5. Short Answer – allows to key-in alphanumeric characters with a word limit.

6. Descriptive Answer – allows the users to key-in alphanumeric characters without any word limit.

7. Multiple Choice Single Answer Image – allows to choose only one image option from four options.

8. Multiple Choice Multiple Answer Image – allows to choose multiple image answers.

9. External Query – allows you to host the data in the cloud using “Manage Master” option and then pull the data from the file. It is normally used in processes wherein based on selection of question automatically all other questions need to be auto populated.

10. Internal Query – By default in MCQ questions you can only have 20 options, if your requirement is more than 20 options then this type of question will allow you to create a drop down question with unlimited options based on Users, Roles, Functions, Cities, Stores or Resources coverage.

11. Location Answer – allows you to create questions that fetch the users location.

12. Net Promoter Score @ Wooqer – allows you to create questions based on Smiley Rating scale, usually used in Customer feedback use case.

MandatoryTo make the question mandatory
ValidationIt can be set for “Short Answer” type question and also for “Score” type of questions you will have an option to set up a range
Advanced Options : Allow CommentsYou can “Allow Comments”, change the label of comments section to anything and also add text validation.  .
Advanced Options : Allow AttachmentsYou can allow attachments, by checking the “Allow Attachments” box and then choosing from 4 attachment options. You can also make them mandatory by clicking on “Make attachments mandatory”. If “Only Camera Evidence” option is selected on “Edit properties” screen, on each question level you can only allow image as an attachment.
Advanced Option : Mask Answer text
Advanced Options : Not ApplicableNot Applicable (NA) – In scenarios wherein certain sections/questions are not relevant for various stores/users; you can also give them an option to select “Not Applicable (NA)”; which when selected by the users will not affect their overall score and the system by itself will deduct those line items from the overall score for their submissions
Advanced Options : Link this question to the response of another questionLink this question to the response of another question, is an option that allows you to set dependency. For example, If there are 5 questions in an Audit and first question has two response options namely “Yes” & “No”; assuming question 2,3 & 4 are linked to the response “Yes” and question 5 is linked to the “No” response – while submitting the process, if the users selection for the first question is “Yes” only then they will get to see question 2,3 and 4. Similarly, if they choose “No” as a response, only then they get to see subsetted question 5.
Reference LinkWhile creating a question if you want to share a reference link for something that you either typed or attached, you can key in the link in the “Reference Link” option. Once it is enabled, users from the front end can click on the link and it will redirect them to the website.
Add Another“Add another” is a functionality that once checked will allow you to create more questions within the same dialog box instead of clicking on “Add New Question” every time you are trying to create a new question. Essentially, this will be useful in scenarios wherein the questions have similar properties (Question type, Comments, NA etc) and you will end up saving some time because these properties will remain unchanged.
Import ProcessIf you want to import questions from another process you can use ” Import Process” option. For example, if there are two processes A & B; A has 10 questions which are being filled by Store Managers, and process B is being used by Operations Manager to capture the data of question 8 and 9 in process B then they can use “Import Process” option to do so.
Select taskThis option will allow you to add questions from the system itself which have been created earlier, however; the range and variety of questions in the question bank will be limited to the respective process type.
Gear iconIt allow you to configure various properties related to each question.
Gear icon – Requires AttachmentIt allows you to check or uncheck the attachment boxes, it is just a shortcut for allowing attachments on a question without accessing the question dialog box.
Gear icon – Requires ActionIt allows you to set a serial Workflow – using this option you can add various levels on a process; by default level zero is considered to be all the questions without any levels. While creating levels, you can assign same level to multiple questions and also to multiple users. Additionally, you cannot skip a level, you have to create levels in succession for the process to function properly.
Gear icon – MilestoneIt is a question level alert option that allows users to get alerts for any non compliant questions. This can be only set on MCQ and Score type of questions and once set, every user needs to subscribe to them on user level from the Reports>Milestone tab, to get an Email or SMS alert every time a milestone is achieved.
Gear icon – Administrator OnlyIf this option is checked then the user with Admin right only will be able to see and respond to the question.
Gear icon – Allow Data EditThis option is visible only if it “Enable Edit” option is enabled on “Edit process properties screen”. If we check this option in this section then two more options “Always” and “Till first Entry” are provided. Former will allow users to modify their submissions multiple times without any cap whereas latter will only allow it once.
Gear icon – Only Camera EvidenceSelect this option to allow real time pictures for evidence. This option will also allow you to select the “Orientation Type” of the pictures that are taken by the users on Mobile devices. You can choose from three options, None, Portrait and Landscape.
Gear icon – Spotlight QuestionThis option lets you tag a question as a “Spotlight”, and can be used to see the response of a certain question from the submission screen itself without having to access reports or processes.
Gear icon – Apply Formula(Data Collection only)You can apply formulae on “Score” type of questions. This can be achieved by checking the “Apply Formula” box and then building computation by selecting tasks from the left window (organized by sections), adding them to the workspace (empty box) in the center by clicking ->. Select expression (*,+) from the collection in right. You can also undo selection or clear window by clicking relevant icons in the workspace. Once the formula is configured you need to click on “Apply” to complete the process of setting up a formula.
Delete & ModifyIncase you have made an error while creating questions in a process, you can delete or modify questions by using “Modify” and “Delete” icon. Additionally, you can also delete the sections and sub-sections by clicking on delete icon.
RearrangeWhile creating sections, sub-sections and questions; if you have created them in a wrong chronological order, you can use “Rearrange” option to reorder them. However, you can reposition Section-Sections, Subsections within the section and questions within a section.
PreviewTo avoid any errors before hitting “Done”, you can click on “Preview” option to scrutinize your created process.
DoneOnce you have completed creating the questionnaire, you can click on “Done” to save the process.
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