The brand having a predominantly male customer base, couldn’t stay unaffected by the cricket craze prevalent across the nation every cricket season. Since IPL started in 2008, it meant lower walk-ins, lower sales and demotivated staff.


Ingenious Idea from Learning Manager

The Learning Manager, enabled with Wooqer, responded with the Van Heusen Premier League (VPL), a contest designed to convert this adverse situation into an opportunity.
Leveraging multiple facets of the Wooqer platform, the team started with an objective and went on to doing a great launch, disciplined communication and continuous evolution.


Idea to Execution with Wooqer

The contest was kick-started with a video announcement and a news headline on Wooqer to ensure visibility for the entire network. Each day 4 teams played against each other for the highest target achievement and also got points, or runs for crossing certain benchmarks.In true cricket spirit, there was a man of the match each day and a regional song was dedicated to the winning team and shared with all teams for playing in-store.
A 10% increase in Average Basket size for the period, and the achievement of the highest basket size in nearly 27 months, was the single biggest revenue impact.The level of engagement and involvement of the entire front line was beyond anything that the Brand had seen in the past with every single employee working towards making his/her team win. Regional Managers covered up for missing sales staff at stores to help their teams achieve targets.

People did not take offs in order to not miss a match. Stories of every single success were proudly shared by all and encouraged by peers from other regions leading to bonds getting built. Stores stretched the extra mile with whatever they could do to contribute to the Region’s success. Stories of heroic efforts were created every single day. Attrition rate at stores fell by 50% over the 2 months that the initiative lasted with a lot more people opting to stay back despite all other factors remaining constant.

This is the power of a timely and engaged execution!


The Wooqer Advantage

With the platform already established, there were no cost/resource decisions or internal / external dependencies in time of need. When need arose, execution took just a few hours. The Wooqer Analytics engine auto aggregated reports, minimizing effort needed to complete the exercise.