Author: Poornima Mohandas

Time to read: 2 minutes


  • Are there broken mannequins in your window display?
  • Are your area managers doing store audits from the comfort of their homes? 
  • Were the issues discovered in the last store audit resolved? 

These are some things we commonly hear from our retail customers as they put pen to paper to run periodic store audits. 


What if you could allow your regional managers to conduct retail store audits on their smartphones using a dedicated operations app. Not only will this put information at their fingertips, but it will also ensure that broken mannequins discovered in the audit are resolved quickly without the endless back and forth of follow up, emails and phone calls. 


Let’s dive a little deeper into what advantages digital audits would give your organization:


1. Conduct Audits in 1/4th the Time


Designer eyewear retailer, Magrabi that retails brands like Chanel, Burberry, and Emporio Armani across the Middle East, used to do paper-based audits across their 160 stores. 

  • Audits used to take 4 days to complete and involved plenty of paperwork. 
  • For each audit, the area manager had to print out 10 pages with 170 questions. 
  • At head office, it took days to compile the papers to get a comprehensive view. 
  • Store-level issues such as a broken light bulb, a crack in the ceiling or stock replenishments were reported and fixed late.


Things are much faster once they decided to go digital. Using a dedicated operations app, the audits are completely paperless and take just one day to complete. It has also meant faster decision making and faster issue resolution. 


“I do my audit reports in 1/4th the time now,” says Mariz Zakhary, Operations Administrator at Magrabi. Mariz automated store audits using Wooqer saving time for herself and her area managers. She and her team resolve store-level issues much faster now thanks to real-time visibility and reporting.


2. Make Store Audits Convenient For Your Regional Managers

Your regional manager goes to the Koramangala store in Bangalore for an audit. But he cannot remember the open issues from last month or what corrective action he had suggested. And how can he? He is only human, he has 15 stores under him. 

With an operations app on his smartphone he can easily: 

  • See the previous month’s open issues
  • Look up the suggested corrective action
  • View the current status
  • Gather image evidence of issues that need to be escalated to head office in real time


Digital retail store audits


3. Make Your Audits Fraud Proof

It is impossible to track the daily activities of each one of your area and regional managers. How would you know if your regional manager in the East hasn’t been visiting many of the stores under him? Automation can help track the geographical coordinates of the auditor, while doing the store visit thus keeping your audits fraud proof. 


4. Faster Issue Resolution

Slow audits lead to slow issue resolution and ultimately poor customer experiences. A broken light bulb in your retail store is just not acceptable and needs to be fixed asap.  

Digital audits can give you:

  • Automated workflow to escalate issues to the relevant people
  • Automated reminders and notifications to ensure people complete their tasks
  • Visibility into all issues, time taken to resolve them, and much more


5. Comprehensive Reporting for Real-Time Visibility 

When your audits are paper based it is cumbersome and challenging to get a historical view of audit compliance and spot trends over time. But if all this information is recorded in a secure and dedicated app:

  • It is available to you today, tomorrow, and forever to slice and dice
  • You can present the reports and trends in the quarterly review 
  • Compare different stores and reward the best-performing ones


Digital audits are not just easier to do, they help you quickly resolve broken mannequins and take care of missing area managers promptly. They give you a real-time, quality barometer on all your stores and ultimately help you deliver consistent customer experiences.


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