Author: Poornima Mohandas

Time to read: 5 minutes

What is the secret sauce for a successful fast food chain? Quick, predictable, and consistent food and service delivery each time, every time.


Fast food chains with a large and growing footprint have to get their restaurant operations spot on. Let’s take a look at how a leading global quick service restaurant chain partnered with Wooqer to ensure consistent customer experience across all its Middle East outlets.


Digitize Audits to Improve Service Delivery

Traditionally, restaurant audits were conducted using paper checklists with findings being shared through disparate channels like email and Whatsapp with little to no reporting and no issue resolution. With Wooqer the customer was able to:

  • Create and share audit checklists to all outlets via the mobile app
  • Track, escalate, and resolve issues in real-time 
  • Increase the frequency of audits from weekly to daily 
  • Analyze comprehensive store-level reporting 
  • Easily compare different outlets to ensure consistency of service delivery


Ensure Smooth Product Launches

Fast food outlets struggle to launch products across their outlets in a simultaneous manner. While some outlets don’t have the recipe to the new item others are not trained to talk about the new dish. With Wooqer the customer can launch new products across outlets simultaneously, ensure staff readiness and brand consistency. Here’s how:

  • Restaurant managers get launch checklists to fill out on their mobile phone.
  • Critical issues are escalated and tackled on the spot through a workflow.
  • Marketing teams communicate how to display promotional material 
  • Staff are trained on how to position the new item

And all of this through a secure private network that connects you to your outlets. 


Improve Sales With Leaderboards and Contests

How do you improve sales and let your employees have fun with it? Our customer did just that using Wooqer. They set up a sales contest to promote a particular menu item through suggestive selling and fed the daily sales numbers into a digital leaderboard. By the end of the month it became a win-win for all:

  • The sales of the menu item went up.
  • The restaurant staff were motivated. 
  • The fast food chain laughed all the way to the bank. 


Faster Customer Surveys

Paper-based customer surveys leads to poor analysis and little follow up action. With Wooqer the franchise owner created and launched customer surveys lightning fast. Restaurant managers collected customer feedback on their smartphones. Once the survey responses were in, the franchise owner got comprehensive drillable reports with detailed survey analytics to help him decipher the customer psyche. Replacing the pen and paper method made for faster turnaround time and quick responses to customer feedback.


Consistent service delivery is a make or break for large quick service restaurants. Working with a partner like Wooqer to automate restaurant operations can help you ensure customers get the same experience each time, every time.


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