Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking @ Locations

Restrictions on number of people who can be in your outlets at a time, mean long queues of people waiting to enter. Many customers may be lost in the process as they may be unwilling to wait. Even those who do, may not have been too happy with the experience. Whether it is a Bank Branch, a Retail Store, a Restaurant, Mall or any other sales or service center, helping customers plan their visits in advance and book slots, can help ensure a great customer experience.

With the Wooqer Appointment Booking @ Locations, enable customers to book visits to your locations quickly and easily. They get an optimal experience and you get the opportunity to move customers to available slots instead of losing them to competition down the road.

Here's how it works:



Description Price
SetUp Cost Nil
Bookings included* 1000/ month
Number of Locations included Unlimited
Admin Console
Booking Widget
iOS and Android Integration
Subscription Fee $100/ Month

*Get Additional Bookings @ $0.05 perBooking OR Integrate with your own sms vendor @ One-time fee of $150 and enjoy unlimited Bookings

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