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VM Implementation
Stimulate sales and deliver consistently great customer experience
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!
Plans starting from $199/ mo
It's free, no Credit Card needed!
Plans starting from $199/ mo
Why should you use this WorkApp?
With this mobile enabled Visual Merchandising Implementation Workapp, you can drive consistent Visual Merchandising implementation at every single store quickly and efficiently. A structured picture / video submission framework ensures that you get all implementation pictures without misses. Automated reminders reduce mundane but necessary follow up effort while bringing the pictures in time and driving accountability. Features like 'Date time stamp on pictures', 'Geo-location tracking/fencing' and 'Live camera evidences only' ensure that you get credible visuals. The structured reporting framework provides real-time visibility into the implementation status across stores and also provides quick and easy access to the submitted pictures for easy reviewfeedback and correction tracking. The Wooqer ppt generator takes away hours or even days of effort putting together presentations for management reviews, allowing generation of a presentation with implementation pictures from across all stores in just a few clicks with ability to get pictures of only one or few sections, one or few stores or a combination of both.
What decisions does this WorkApp power?
  • Know which stores or teams need attention or assistance today
  • Get insights to improve the Visual Merchandising rollout process
  • Identify training needs and plan interventions
When is this WorkApp right for you?
If you create and share Visual Merchandising guidelines for your product and want to track implementation status across stores, this workapp is right for you. Even if you have people operating in poor quality networks or with device constraints, you can use this WorkApp as it enables cross device access, offline working and multiple scenarios impacting remote locations.
Starting with this WorkApp is easy!
You can be up and running on this WorkApp within 4 hours! All you need to do is to upload your store and user list on Wooqer and invite them to use the WorkApp. You may also want to make a few configuration changes like add or remove fields or sections and choose where response/ evidence is needed and where it is mandatory or optional. Starting with the WorkApp does not require external support, but consider support or a Wooqer Creator training in case you need to make significant configuration changes to the WorkApp.
This WorkApp is “best in class”
The WorkApp brings in years of on-ground experience enabling over 200,000 VM Implementations across geographies. It is optimized based on these learnings and can handle practical challenges like poor or no network scenarios, behavioral issues around people submitting older pictures and many more practical hacks.
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The app to accelerate & support your visual merchandising game
Know completion progress real-time
Track execution quality through compliance report
Identify top performing teams
Understand top issues and identify process refinement or training needs
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Visual Edge
Gear up your visual merchandising with Visual Edge. Smooth and effective VM implementation with boggling insights to drive better decision.
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