Product Returns
Track and manage returns quickly and easily
It's free. No Credit Card needed!
It\'s free, no Credit Card needed!

Here’s how the Product Returns Work app operates: An employee scans the Product Bar code from a mobile device as and when a return is received. The reason for return is entered from available reasons made available on the app. These can be configured as per your need. The quantity returned is entered. The product status is entered and an item is classified for repackaging or liquidation. The process and product are moved further to the repackaging or liquidation team and status are traced digitally. Additional status updates and notifications may also be configured. For example, the QA team may be notified for testing on the given product to ascertain if there may be an issue with the entire range that may necessitate a callback. The catalog team may be notified if there is a need to add better instructions or disclaimers with the product or add more information to the product listing on the site to ensure better decisions by customers in the future.

Product Returns may be initiated by a customer or may be initiated by the Company through a Product Call back. The Wooqer Product returns Work app enables you to manage the customer-initiated callbacks, whereas the Wooqer Product Call back Work app is better suited for a company-initiated callback.

The app can also be integrated with the ERP to bring the item back into the inventory.

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