Preparing For Launch

Your First Launch

Your first launch should ideally include 1-3 daily processes and/or 1 Training or SOP Module. Start with simple problems with high chances of success. The shortlisted processes should be tried and tested daily processes which are a part of the user’s daily routine. They should not be too lengthy, so the users can find it easy to adopt. 

You can choose from:

  • Opening Checklist
  • Closing Checklist
  • VM Checklist
  • VM review
  • VM Audit
  • Store Operations Audit
  • Store Visit Report
  • Food Quality Audit
  • Food Quality Checklist

Or, you can search for over 1000+ Wooqer apps on and explore new Apps, Integrations, Trainings & Services that help you run your business.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Share your idea with us. If it’s a Wooqer fit, we’ll get an app ready within 24-48 hours.


Prepare a campaign for the launch. 

Users have to be made aware of the benefits of digitization as it can be a major change in the way they have been carrying out their responsibilities. Running campaigns, in the form of events, competitions or mailers, has a very positive impact and helps break any misconceptions, paving a path to a smooth transition to the new digital medium.


Launch Best Practices

Focus on Objectives and Outcomes – Aligning teams well will help them understand the benefits of the initiative and contribute with a clear understanding.

End to end Planning – Do not miss out on the end-to-end planning. Close all loops by reviewing and actioning reports on Wooqer itself.

Cut out alternatives – Once a process has been launched on Wooqer, cut out all other alternatives to that process. Running things in parallel will not help in achieving the desired adoption from the users.

Be Positive – Do not use negative communications or penalize failures. Reach out to the team for guidance on how to do things.


Feel free to use our checklists for pre-launch activities, built from our experience across customers, to ensure you are ready to launch.

IT Checklist

Unblock “” access for all users. Check if the page loads properly. Update Firewall settings if page is not loading properly.

Ensure that Adobe Flash Player is installed on all systems

Unblock video content upload and streaming on

In case any keywords are blocked within organization, please unblock them for Wooqer access as authorized internal producers create all Wooqer content. Any other rules on Firewall that can lead to blockage should also be reviewed for

Please create and publish guidelines on who within the IT department can be reached by users as well as Wooqer team in case of inability to access Wooqer, Adobe flash player download and other access related issues. Ensure that this
person/ team is trained by Wooqer team.

Please communicate limits on large file uploads/ downloads / streaming.

Various mails shall be automatically generated and sent to recipients from Wooqer on an ongoing basis. Please unblock mails from IP: and from

Ensure that there is no block on access of Talk / Comments on Chapters. You can do a test run using the demo id shared with you.

Run video on the demo id in different types of locations to see if there are any blockage issues being faced.

Producer Launch Checklist

Admin setup
Platform setup completed
(as advised in the “Admin setup” module assigned on the PI)

Kick off
Kick off communication sent
Kick off Meeting done OR Scheduled for before the Launch day
Physical collateral setup / sent as planned

IT Checklist
Access tested at Corporate office and found working fine (Especially the Workshop location)

Participation reconfirmed.
(All key stakeholders attending the session.)

Informed Participants to carry Laptop.
PCs arranged for those without laptops.
Organized internet connectivity for all and
Arranged for continued power supply
(Arrange WIFI access for Mobile devices if feasible)

User IDs
User IDs for all participants created.
(Be prepared to create IDs for unexpected participants at start of workshop)

User Launch checklist

user launch checklist