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Digitise paper, excel & informal workflows

Your superpower equips you with everything you need to get control of your business operations with no dependencies. Keep it simple with a start-of day checklist, bring rigour like a site Audit, or dive deep with extensive workflows like New Store Opening - It’s all in your hands, at all times. Create a new process, edit an existing one because things change, or remind your teams to act - all in one place.

  • Create any checklist, audit, assessment, survey or program
  • Ensure location, device, identity and time compliance
  • Eliminate follow-ups through a built in reminder engine
  • Elevate skill to complex DIY workflows like project plans
  • Turbo boost your superpower with powerful integrations!

Train people. Launch new products. Hold a townhall. Share ideas. Easy.

Drive daily business results by training people on what helps them do their job better. Make a show out of new product launches, notify people when something new is available, generate early feedback, and ensure everyone who needs to know - knows.

  • Share content in any form, format or size
  • Be in know of people’s progress & performance
  • Create community around any content
  • Have central focus of business visible to everyone
  • New product launches are an all show event now!

Know what needs decisions. Have your alter-ego in Wooqer.

Running operations is making a hundred daily decisions - big and small. Wooqer expands your decision bandwidth with analytics & insights from everyday data and uncovers what needs your attention. Through advanced machine algorithms, Wooqer helps focus your capacity on High Value Actions, resolving recurring needs through embedded intelligence. Which ATM is a round the year problem, which location is non-compliant to SOP, who in your team is more responsive than others - you’ll know on Wooqer.

  • Get insights, trends and forecasts on what matters
  • Save time on routine actions. Let Wooqer run those
  • Get a 360 view of people, locations, customers, anything!
  • Get alerted on milestones
  • Easy integrations in your favourite BI application

Bring business as usual on Wooqer. Tasks, Approvals, attendance & the works!

Wish your colleague a Happy Birthday. Look up your to-do list by urgency.Obtain approval to do what your business needs. Collaborate with your teams around tasks. Generate an activity calendar. Act on tasks that matter. All in a day's work for you. All on one App for you.

  • Log all approvals. Wooqer learns overtime
  • Never miss a colleagues birthday!
  • Never miss an important task. Wooqer ensures.
  • Get alerted on milestones
  • Easy integrations from sensors, cameras, to biometrics

Building Blocks

Wooqer was built to be a DIY tool. So instead of trying to build perfect solutions for specific problems, we build building blocks that help users solve most problems and links to maximize possibilities with these building blocks

Simple and Elegant

Wooqer was built to make work simple. And our expertise at creating simple, elegant solutions to the most complex of problems is what helps our users achieve superlative outcomes, quickly.

Create. Assign. Launch. Track.

This is the design mantra behind all our Building blocks. How our users can perform each of these tasks simply and meaningfully is what our product team is thinking about and working on.

Mobile first

We believe that the world is headed towards a mobile way of working and all our thinking is focused on how we can unleash the power of mobile devices for our user to make them more productive and efficient.

Data collection to Analytics & Decisions

Having started with enabling most working and bringing most data created in organizations onto a common platform, we are no on a journey to helping our users get most value from the data they are capturing.

The Future of Work

We learn from the past, but are always looking ahead as we consider how and what problems to focus on solving. The most important thing for us is to ensure that our users achieve their Business outcomes in the most elegant way possible.

Wooqer in the Press


Wooqer wins Rising Star and Great User Experience Award

Wooqer's incredible performance keeps winning trust and respect from our customers and from time to time...

[qodef_fullwidth_slider_item title_tag="h2" subtitle_tag="h4" show_button="yes" button_type="solid" button_target="_blank" icon_pack="simple_line_icons" simple_line_icons="icon-options" image="10477" title="Create your own Business Application in < 60 minutes" text="" button_text="Read more" button_link="" subtitle="Gone are the days of looking for technology solutions! Wooqer now enables Business users to create..."][qodef_fullwidth_slider_item title_tag="h2" subtitle_tag="h4" show_button="yes" button_type="solid" button_target="_blank" icon_pack="simple_line_icons" simple_line_icons="icon-options" image="10479" title="Wooqer features in the list of Top 10 Retail Startups - 2018" text="" button_text="Read more" button_link="" subtitle="It is indeed a proud moment for us that Wooqer in just 4 years of it's operations, has featured in the..."][qodef_fullwidth_slider_item title_tag="h2" subtitle_tag="h4" show_button="yes" button_type="solid" button_target="_blank" icon_pack="simple_line_icons" simple_line_icons="icon-options" image="10476" title="Wooqer wants to simplify Work" text="" button_text="Read more" button_link="" subtitle="The insights that businesses need to respond to ever changing conditions, faster cheaper..."][/qodef_fullwidth_slider_holder][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_empty_space height="65px"]
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