Author: Poornima Mohandas

Time to read: 2 minutes


While the news is disconcerting, we know one thing for sure – this too shall pass. In fact, we see several forward looking retailers using the current lockdown as an opportunity to train and assess their front end staff. These retailers will have their best foot forward when the upswing of pent up demand hits. Plus, training your dispersed staff in these uncertain times can be a great way to reassure and engage them. We held a webinar on this very topic just last week and got a lot of engaged participants.

Most companies believe in the value of training. But oftentimes, companies struggle with training adoption and effectiveness. Switching to online training can help, enabling assessments and measurability. This apart, online training also gives you the ability to scale and save on travel and printing costs. What’s more, you can conduct online training as often as you want unlike classroom training which involves trainers and travel.
So how do you overcome low training adoption and effectiveness?

We prepared a whitepaper on this topic, breaking up training into four distinct stages:

  • Train
  • Reinforce
  • Assess
  • Monitor

We discuss how to improve adoption, share best practices on how to reinforce training, how to make your assessments rigorous, and what kind of reports you should look at. Once you complete all four stages you want to use your insights to constantly refine and improve your training program. We hope you find this whitepaper useful and are able to make productive use of this downtime. Take care and stay safe.