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How a Global Fast Food Company increased their sales with enhanced staff knowledge

A Global Fast Food company, with presence across Middle East and North Africa partnered with Wooqer to train their workforce to be 100% customer ready all the time. Through a process implemented on Wooqer, every employee got trained and certified before a product launch. Customer Service was inconsistent at the 700+ outlets of the fast food company.

The company decided to invest in a trained workforce to achieve success. Together with their
training team, they ideated and planned an SOP and sales certification drive for the organization.

Enabled with Wooqer, the QSR company quickly launched the SOP and sales training and drove the team to undergo a self-training. A video based sales process training followed by
sales process role-plays; drove learning effectiveness. Post training assessments measured understanding.
The whole SOP certification was completed in 10 days, which otherwise would have taken 45 days of effort including travel across location.

With Wooqer’s partnership, the fast food company achieved to:

  • Establish a modern way of training & engagement of employees
  • Execute 100% store participation with 83% people certified
  • Establish SOP and certification for customer service
  • Track understanding of users through assessments
  • Certifying store champions
  • Managing and monitoring widespread distribution network
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