Importance of audits for scaling brands

Webinar Series – Importance of Audits for Scaling Brands

Title: Importance of Audits for Scaling Brands

Speaker: John Ric Villanueva, Americana


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A short synopsis –


Wooqer conducted a webinar on “Importance of Audits for Scaling Brands” with John Ric Villanueva (Senior Training Associate for Americana ) who has over 2 decades of experience in this industry as our keynote speaker. The discussion commenced with John highlighting the reason behind the exponential increase in audits in gauging the brands.


There is a dire need to consistently drive a consistent consumer experience of the brand across the market effectively. Audits can be an expensive and labor intensive affair, but this is where the challenge lies: the ability to prevail over the underlying obstacles in the journey to drive better compliances and gradually transitioning from a paper-driven audit to a digital one.


To begin with, John highlighted the loopholes in the food safety compliances in the QSR industry. He mentioned that enrolling with Wooqer has been a smooth journey for Americana- KFC(Kuwait Food Company) and it enabled the company to gradually switch from an old-school manual checklist using pen and paper to becoming digital. In his prior experience with a QSR outlet, he reminisces that the main reason why he was pulled out of the store operations was the persistent Imminent Health Hazards (IHH) that were predominantly present in the store.


Owing to the insufficiency of the compliances and audits, they were performing the task the hard way. It is rather time-consuming  to keep a track record of 12 months and a whopping 18 checklists. This is when Wooqer came to rescue by minimizing all the physical efforts.


“Using Wooqer, gives you a birds’ eye view of all the checklists and compliances without having to physically visit every store. Most importantly, it helped us become sustainable by digitizing each and every task using this platform” said John.


The crucial element behind running the store and all the essential operations smoothly is the checklists/ audits. Instead of tedious spending time on maintaining checklists using pen and paper, digitizing sliced 25 percent of the time consumed and this led to significant impact on the business sales. Wooqer enabled Americana to get a 360 degree view of the checklists just by sitting at the comfort of their chair.


We are glad that in this insightful talk with John Ric Villanueva, we were able to learn the importance of audits and their impact on business. It further helped in providing clear visibility and accountability on the business operations all across the stores.


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Prashanth Yeredukeremath
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