Wooqer Top 10 WorkApps of 2021

Today we will present you a list of the top 10 WorkApps of 2021 running on the Wooqer platform. Our team behind the scenes keeps working relentlessly to timely upgrade these WorkApps as per the suggestions from our customers.

We would like to start this list based on the most popular apps that Retailers and QSRs went live with and the reasons why they are so popular with the customers. These WorkApps have not only made lives easier for the end-users but also have streamlined their daily cumbersome processes in a very efficient manner.

You can now visit the Wooqer Marketplace and check out the below WorkApps.

Wooqer Top 10 WorkApps of 2021

1. Store Opening Checklist

With more than 95% of the organizations on Wooqer using. this WorkApp, the Daily Store Opening Checklist continues to top this list. The Daily Store Opening Checklist aka Start of Day WorkApp is a mobile enabled tool for Store Managers. It replaces the need for physical or e-mail based checklists and gets Store Managers more time on the Shop Floor by bringing them out of the Back room and ensuring that the store is ready for customers in time, every day.

Check out the detailed feature list for the Start of Day WorkApp

2. Store Closing Checklist

Just like the Daily Store Opening Checklist, the Store Closing Checklist also holds it’s position as one of the Top PowerApps on Wooqer. The WorkApp enables the store managers to shut shop in a very systematic manner and makes the end of the day reporting a lot easier while being absolutely complete.

Check out the detailed feature list  of the – End of Day App

3. Visual Merchandising Implementation

After a period of lull with store closures and reduced walk-in traffic during the lock-down, Visual Merchandising came back with a bang through the second half of the year. More and more retailers chose Wooqer to manage VM implementation as travel became difficult but the need to ensure great VM across outlets remained strong. The Visual Execution App emerged as one of the strongest Apps on Wooqer. The Wooqer PowerPoint generator became one of the most procured Wooqer Value Added Services through 2021.

Check out the detailed feature list of the –Visual Merchandising Implementation App

4. Health & Safety

During the second wave of Covid 19 pandemic, the need to ensure safety for both staff and customers at all locations and to reduce misses became more important. Thus, increasing the demand for an app that would bring together all safety information in one place. In response, Wooqer created the Store Safety WorkApp based on insights from industry experts. This has been one of the most popular extensions to Wooqer in 2021.

Check out the detailed feature list of the – Wooqer Store Safety WorkApp

5. New Store Opening

With valuable properties becoming available in high-profile locations, many retailers and restaurants have rushed to conduct expansion campaigns, using the Wooqer New Store Opening WorkPack. This collection of WorkApps streamlines the opening-process workflow, enabling cross-functional collaboration, and thus, ensures that a store opens without delay or avoidable errors. We plan to make these apps available as standardized, expert certified versions in the Wooqer marketplace.

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6. Slot Booking

Considering the current scenario, businesses across the country added an option on their websites and modified their customer relationship management tools, enabling customers to book a time for a store visit in advance and get the assurance that they would be shopping in a safe environment with only the maximum number of people allowed in the store at a time and undivided attention of a store employee as they make their choices and try out options.

Check out the detailed feature list of the – Slot Booking WorkApp

7. Store Visit Report | Store Audit

Over recent months, we’ve seen the Wooqer Store Visit Report app hold steady in the number-one spot. We’re also happy to announce that we’ve seen a growing interest in the Store Operations Audit app from larger businesses with independent audit teams and those with franchise partners. Meanwhile, resorts, cinema halls, factories and warehouses have also seen more audits on Wooqer over and above stores, branches, ATMs and restaurants.

Check out the detailed feature list of the – Store Visit Report | Store Operations Audit

8. Mobile Assessments

With assessments now available on the mobile app, several organizations went on to institutionalize learning programs and assessments on Wooqer enabling all employees to get certified on core knowledge around SOPs, product, sales skills and more. SOP  and Product certification were the most common assessments run by the clients.

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9. Quality Audit & Temperature Logs

Across the restaurant and food industry, quality audits and temperature logs are heavily used. F & B chains continue to ensure that they are serving high-quality food and beverages at every single outlet. The PowerApps created by Wooqer for this purpose will be soon release and made available to the users.

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10. Wastage | Damage Report

Last but not the least was the wastage and damage report, which emerged as a PowerApp across both Retail and F&B sectors. Lifestyle, Apparel, Grocery and Jewelry retailers along with restaurants, all have this process running on their respective Wooqers. We definitely have this on our list of upcoming PowerApps and should bring you an industry standard version soon on the Wooqer Marketplace.

Check out the detailed feature list of the – Wastage Report WorkApp

That concludes our list of the top 10 WorkApps for 2021. Please check out our list for apps due to be released in 2022. For more help finding applications that work for your company, visit our marketplace – Explore Wooqer Marketplace

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