Today more than 100 retailers are using Wooqer to manage their operations across the world. Since Wooqer is a DIY tool that help you transform your ideas and strategy to execution. There is potentially unlimited possibilities in Wooqer. But today we will showcase 9 most highly critical business processes on Wooqer.


1.    Sales ready

One of the most widely used solution on Wooqer is sales assessment and training. Often marketing and area sales managers don’t have enough data to improve sales of their stores. Using Wooqer, Retail Head, Area Sales Manager or Chief Marketing Officer can track knowledge of their sales front line on their product, find how well they are trained and map these data to their actual sales at respective stores. This is extremely powerful if you combine product knowledge against sales performance of store. Helping you create effective training modules and marketing strategy as well. 


2.    Daily sales report

This is one process which is still being done on SMS or whatsapp leading to huge efforts in collecting, collating and tracking of data. While cloud POS offer solution by syncing database, these process usually take a day and half to get complete which leads to huge delay in taking required step to course correct sales and marketing. Daily sales report on Wooqer empowers you with powerful real time reporting and analytics on your daily sales.


3.    SOP compliance

Most critical aspect of any SOP is its execution. Wooqer is world renowned execution platform that help you bring 100% accountability and visibility in your organization. Having a healthy SOP compliance have multi fold benefits. High SOP compliance leads to stores that are always customer ready, perform as planned, decreases employee churn, increases employee loyalty and discipline. A must have process for any organized retail chain.


4.    Consumable Order tracking

Components like carry bags, coupons, print papers, payment slip papers, mannequins etc. are required at store in on-going basis. To manage and track usage and order of these items, our customers have created a dedicated process on Wooqer. This process enables them to fulfill such orders in timely basis and track consumption. This enables head quarter to keep their stores customer ready and optimize expenditures.


5.    Competitor Tracking

Do you if your competitor is eating your marketing share and how much? Well most of our customer feel they should. This is the reason most of our customer use Wooqer to keep track of their competitors sales, marketing campaigns and new up comers in their domains.


6.    Staff & business issue

Our customers keep an active record of employee satisfaction level, issues to be resolved and any other challenges their employee are facing in their day to day work. We have seen huge participation in such program indicating that employee actively want voice their problems and perform at their best with little support.


7.    Stock count

Stock count help find discrepancies between your digital record of stock and actual record. This helps in discovering any security issues at store. Apart from above benefit, regular stock count could reveal which product line are performing better and which line is stuck, giving you insight into how to market your product in coming week or month. This count also help you discover major issues which causes product damage, so that you can rectify them in upcoming season.


8.     Customer feedback

Owing to increasing competition from both traditional and e-commerce retail today retail business requires customer retention more than ever. Customer feedback is gold mine to any marketing chief looking for data to increase their customer retention. Customer feedback give you a window into your current customer, what they expect from the brand and where brand is failing to meet that expectation. Wooqer offer an ultra low cost solution to start real time customer feedback available on all mobile, tablets and computers. Many of our customer use customer feedback to track store performance, report being sent directly to CEO on bad performance.


9.    Complaint Tickets

Complaint ticket are extension of customer feedback, while customer feedback involves feedback in general. Complaint ticket are on a much more serious side. Complaint ticket is a process of managing complaints from customers who have made a purchase and have complaint with their recent purchase. It is one thing to lose a walk in but entirely different if you are losing a buying customers. Our customers take this very very seriously and try to resolve tickets as soon as possible. Wooqer offer a unique feature of escalation, where if the problem is not resolved in time, tickets are escalated to their supervisor automatically. A must have solution for any retailer.